Matt Lauer Update: 2 New Women Come Forward, One Fainted During Sex In His Office, Says ‘New York Times’

Scott GriesGetty Images

Two more complaints about Matt Lauer have been received by NBC on Wednesday. According to the New York Times, one of the complaints about Matt has emerged from a married woman who was a former colleague. As soon as the woman became an employee as a producer of Today in the late 1990s, she said that Lauer began making comments that were not appropriate. At one point in time, she traveled with Lauer to cover a news story, but Matt asked her questions about whether or not she was faithful to her husband as they ate dinner. A ride to the airport featured Matt sitting too close to the woman in the vehicle in which they rode and when she moved away from Matt, he allegedly told the woman that she was no fun.

She said that Matt asked her to come to his office in 2001, using the specially-designed lock that allowed Lauer to lock his door using a button underneath his desk. Although plenty of controversies have erupted as news of the button emerged, the New York Times reports that high-profile news personalities like Lauer had the button as part of their standard safety procedure mechanisms.

Although the woman did give her name to the publication, she did not provide consent to the New York Times to publish her name. After arriving in his office, the woman was sexually assaulted by Lauer, according to her account. Claiming that Matt rose and approached her from behind his desk, the woman said that Lauer pulled down her pants and used a chair to bend her over during sex. She said that after Lauer bent her over, she fainted during sex, awakening to consciousness with her pants half of the way off and on the floor of Matt’s office.

Instead of helping her himself, Matt directed his assistant to get the woman to a nurse. After the sexual assault, the woman said that she never spoke about the incident with Lauer again and that she eventually left NBC approximately one year after the incident.

As seen in the top photo above, Matt appeared onstage for a Meatloaf concert on NBC’s Today Show Presents series in Rockefeller Center in 2006 in New York City.