Kim Kardashian Announces Ultralight Beams Highlighters And Glosses Coming To KKW Beauty

Charley GallayGetty Images

Kim Kardashian covered herself in glitter this week to let fans know she’s adding some new products to her beauty line.

The soon-to-be mother of three took to Instagram to post several promotional images as she told fans about her new Ultralight Beams highlighters and glosses.

Kim is adding several shades of highlighters to her KKW Beauty line, which currently consists of contour palettes, on December 1 at 12 p.m. PST.

There will also be a few glittery glosses for shoppers to choose from as Kardashian adds a new lip product to her line as well.

While the 37-year-old has focused on creating an effortless contour palette for her fans, it appears she’s been busy working on other products as well.

Kim recently launched a trio of fragrances dubbed Crystal Gardenia, which sold out on its initial launch earlier this month. Now, Kardashian is busy sharing photos of her upcoming Ultralight Beams collection as she works to generate excitement.

In some of the images, Kardashian poses nude except for glitter as she uses her arms to protect her modesty. Her first glittery image received 2.6 million likes as commenters accused her of stealing Beyonce’s idea.

However, some of her 104 million followers stated they believe Kim pulled the look off better. As Daily Mail reported, Beyonce was photographed covered in glitter for a magazine cover several years ago.

Kim went on to discuss product details as she stated the Ultralight Beams powders and glosses will be available as a duo for $32, while the whole collection will sell for $160.

People magazine reported on Kardashian’s marketing tactic as the site stated the mogul is “literally glowing” in order to promote her upcoming launch.

The article mentions Kim decided to name her new collection after one of Kanye West’s songs, which is also titled “Ultralight Beam,” after hearing it and thinking it would make a great name for a highlighter.

In fact, Kardashian was playing her husband’s hit in the background as she took a Snapchat video of some of the new product this week.

People quoted Kim as saying she wanted to create something versatile as the powders can be mixed together and used as either a shimmer or eyeshadow.

“I wanted it to be something you can mix together and use different ways. The gloss just intensifies the powder. You can even use the highlighter as a shadow on the eyes and then add the gloss on top. It’s really versatile.”

Knowing how well Kardashian’s beauty products have done in the past, fans can expect the new Ultralight Beams collection to most likely sell out on its first launch. If you plan on getting your hands on Kim’s newest beauty product, be prepared to act fast!