November 30, 2017
WWE Rumors: WWE Doctors Reconsidering Daniel Bryan's In-Ring Future

A few months ago, it came to light that Daniel Bryan was actively training for his in-ring return. It has been well documented that WWE officials have refused to medically clear him over the past two years, but there is some hope that could change in the near future. Apparently, his recent test results have been excellent as of late. Doctors outside of WWE don't see any major problems with Daniel Bryan getting back into the ring.

Unfortunately, his status depends entirely on how WWE doctors evaluate his health. Over the few months, the expectation has been that Daniel Bryan will have to wait for his contract with the company to expire for him to wrestle outside of WWE. That will happen in September, but that's almost another year away. There is some hope that Bryan may have convinced WWE doctors to reevaluate his health for an in-ring return.

It seems that Daniel Bryan has been traveling all over the country to receive the best medical evaluations. He's found enough doctors and opinions to support his claim that he can wrestle right now, so it will be up to WWE doctors to decide if he's capable of wrestling a few matches per year. It's very unlikely that Bryan would be medically cleared for a full-time schedule, but a part-time schedule seems plausible.

Daniel Bryan is Training With Brie Bella
If WWE doctors medically clear Daniel Bryan, he may return for a huge match at 'WrestleMania 34'

Many people believed that once his daughter was born, Bryan's priorities would change. However, the birth of his daughter has actually fueled him to pursue his dream and set an example for her. Bryan Danielson is going to wrestle again, but the question is if he will need to wait for his WWE contract to expire or if WWE doctors will give him clearance to wrestle. If that happens soon enough, he could return at WrestleMania.

On paper, Daniel Bryan making his in-ring return in New Orleans only four years after winning the WWE Championship there is a wonderful story. In all likelihood, he would be willing to re-sign with the company if he's medically cleared to wrestle before his contract expires. WWE doctors and the powers that be have a huge decision to make because his in-ring return is inevitable. It's just up to them how long we have to wait.