‘Destiny 2:’ Alexa’s Newest Skill Just Made Playing The Game A Lot More Immersive

Ferino DesignFlickr/Cropped and Resized(CC BY 2.0 )

Bungie has teamed up with Activision to bring Ghost, Destiny 2’s A.I., into the real world with Alexa. The combination could herald a new wave of immersive gaming for first-person shooters.

Amazon’s Alexa has a new skill made by Bungie and Activision for Destiny 2 players. The new skill allows gamers to talk with the game’s A.I., Ghost. According to TIME, Destiny 2 players can tell Alexa to ask Ghost to do various tasks that will reflect on the gamer’s account. Gamers can have Ghost manage inventory, equip and change their armor and weapons, and call for back up while they are playing.

Rolling Stone adds that Ghost can suggest activities to do in the game through Alexa if players say, “Alexa, ask Ghost what I should I do next?” The new skill also keeps players connected. It can send messages to other players and keep track of a player’s Clan.

Alexa’s new skill can also update players on any Destiny 2 news. It will give gamers updates on release countdowns, special events, etc. It can also inform players of any important events and dates in Destiny 2.

The new skill is available right now on Amazon. The skill is compatible with all Alexa-enabled Amazon devices. Destiny 2 players can try the skill out now.

Bungie and Activision came up with one more surprise for Destiny 2 players: a Wi-Fi speaker made to look exactly like Ghost in the game, reported The Verge. The Destiny 2 accessory speaker must be paired with Alexa to access her skill. The voice of Nolan North, the actor who lent his voice for Ghost in the game, is also used for the speaker, stated VG 24/7.

It costs around $90 and is sold for a limited time only. So far, 6 percent of the available speakers have already been claimed, based on the product’s listing on Amazon’s webstore. All Ghost speakers will be released and shipped out on December 19.

Some Destiny 2 players have already shown their enthusiasm for the Ghost speaker. It appears that most gamers want it because it is an awesome memorabilia to add to their Destiny 2 collection.

However, there are some who question the price of the Ghost speaker. Many of the players in this camp wonder if they can use the device as a Bluetooth speaker as it would be worth the money they will be shelling out for it. Based on the product’s listing, the speaker is Wi-Fi capable but does not seem to support Bluetooth.