Matt Lauer Caught On Camera Telling Female Co-Host To ‘Keep Bending Over’ For ‘Nice View’ [Video]

Dennis Van TineSTAR MAX/IPx/AP Images

Matt Lauer is seen on camera telling his co-host he likes her sweater and then adding “keep bending over” in a tone of voice that resembled someone attempting a bad pick-up line in a bar. On the Today Show, just like other news shows, they get a break when local channels all over the nation cut in to report the news and weather locally, leaving the Today Show cast with a few minutes off the air.

During one of those times a while back, a news station in Kansas didn’t cut into local news but instead continued to air the Today Show with the cast thinking they were not on air. The camera rolled as Matt Lauer tells his female co-worker, “nice sweater.” He then “creepily” tells her to “keep bending over like that” and then says, “it’s a nice view,” reports TMZ.

The tone of his voice and his demeanor had suddenly changed from the Matt Lauer who was on the Today Show just minutes earlier to someone who was totally different. You can see the TMZ video of Matt Lauer commenting on Meredith Vieira’s sweater above.

TMZ found this videotape, which Harvey Levin brought with him to the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News Wednesday night. The question that both Tucker and Harvey were looking to get an answer to has probably been on the minds of many people since hearing that Lauer was fired today. According to CNN News, Andy Lack’s statement announcing the firing of Lauer revealed that this is the first complaint they had gotten about Lauer in his entire two-plus decades at the Today Show.


While that might be true, another incident was brought up by Harvey and Tucker involving Katie Couric. This happened back when Katie Couric did an interview in 2012.

When asked what the most annoying thing is about Matt Lauer, she divulged that he “pinched her on the ass a lot,” according to Fox News.

Tucker and Harvey were a bit perplexed by how Lauer allegedly got away with this for so long. Lauer’s co-workers apparently knew about his behavior as Katie complained he “pinched her on the ass a lot.” Even the people in rural Kansas once got an eye and earful of his off-air behavior during that accidental live camera shot.