‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Friz Gets Engaged, Both Jasons Flip Out — Who Pops The Question, Franco Or Liz?

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General Hospital spoilers and speculation are running wild on social media because of a promo featuring Friz. In this new promo, shot for a parade event, Rebecca Herbst and Roger Howarth are shown in character as Elizabeth Webber and Franco Baldwin, holding hands. It’s the hands that are a big deal because there’s a ring on Liz’s all-important fourth finger. It looks like Friz will get engaged soon, and that aligns with the early spoilers from this week’s soap magazines. It should be a happy “Frizmas” this year for fans of the couple.

Cop shop squabbles mean nothing

GH spoilers from She Knows Soaps promise that Franco and Liz are on hand at the PCPD for the big “which Jason is which” reveal. On Thursday, the promo shows Franco and Liz in the interrogation room bickering as Franco asks why Liz is “on his side,” obviously referring to one of the twins. Franco’s insecurities are eating at him but he has a change of heart, and since he knows the truth, courtesy of Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery), Franco might be able to help.

The paper that Franco burned showed which of the twins had memories taken and which had memories implanted. That’s the key to who’s who, but Franco burned it because he felt threatened. With the reveal of the truth now inevitable, Franco will decide that he’s got to trust Liz’s feelings for him and come clean. The good news is that Liz will not disappoint her honey and the reformed serial killer should not be worried. Liz loves Franco, not either Jason, so they’ll remain solid.


The ring is the thing

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central for next week offer more tidbits about Friz’s fate. On Monday, Franco has a crisis of conscience and Liz must defend what she wants. Then, on December 7, Franco surprises Liz and the next day, he gets more than what he bargained for from her. The confirmation of the proposal comes from two GH spoilers sources. First is the video (see above). You can see the promo Herbst and Howarth shot for the ABC affiliate in Raleigh, North Carolina, and there’s a ring on her finger!

Not only is it a ring, but if you notice, it’s not Becky Herbst’s wedding ring. It’s a prop from the show. You can see her real-life wedding set below and it’s an engagement ring with a platinum band, unlike the ring in the General Hospital promo for the parade. Liz isn’t known for wearing much jewelry anyway since she’s always in her work scrubs, so the ring is a big deal, plus that’s not the only confirmation of this all-important GH spoiler. It also spilled at a fan event.

GH's Becky Herbst
General Hospital's Rebecca Herbst at Country Music AwardsFeatured image credit: Angela Weiss Getty Images

Who proposes to whom?

At a recent General Hospital personal appearance at a fan event, Roger Howarth hinted heavily at an impending engagement. In her 20th anniversary interview with Soap Digest, Rebecca Herbst mentioned that Liz is so into Franco because he “wants to put her boys first” and this is the root of what comes next. Some recent spoilers that leaked on social media hint that it might be Liz that does the asking although Franco will put a ring on it. If Liz does the asking, that’ll be nicely empowering.

Given Franco’s insecurities, Liz might pop the question to show him how much she loves him and is committed to him being in their lives. There are other GH spoilers and rumors that the engagement might go down at the hospital. Some Friz fans expressed concern on Twitter that the engagement might not last once Franco’s lie comes out, but we should also remember that Liz told lies about Jason’s identity, so she should understand and forgive.


Both Jasons will be infuriated

Even though we know new Jason (Billy Miller) has learned to live with Franco in his life, Patient 6 (Steve Burton) attacked and began beating Franco on sight. Neither will be thrilled when Liz and Franco reveal their engagement, but Miller’s guy should handle it a bit better. Then again, only one of those guys is Liz’s true baby daddy, so she only has to inform one of them. But surely Liz would allow new Jason (Miller) to remain part of Jake’s life even if he turns out not to be her baby daddy.

General Hospital spoilers promise this week that the truth of the identities comes out. Once all that explodes, as well as Franco’s reveal of what he knows, there’s still more things to be sorted. It should be in the next couple of weeks that the engagement happens. It’s Friz’s two-year anniversary soon since Franco and Liz had their first outing as a couple at the 2015 Nutcracker Gala. Check back often for more Friz updates and other new General Hospital spoilers.