‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam Versus Kim, Oscar’s Paternity Shocker, BM Confirmed As Andrew Cain?

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December will be an explosive week, and General Hospital spoilers tease Jason Morgan and Andrew Cain’s identity will finally be confirmed. The fingerprint match could be the crucial clue, and Andre’s statement will shed more light on all the confusion. When the bomb drops, Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) life will be in total chaos. Dr. Kim Nero’s (Tamara Braun) involvement in this scheme will complicate matters too.

Evidence Pile Up Against BM Jason

This week will be a crucial turning point for General Hospital. General Hospital spoilers hint a match between Andrew Cain’s fingerprints and Jason Morgan’s. This might be a clue that Billy Miller’s Jason is Drew. If this is the case, Sam will face a major problem. She wanted to stand by the husband she is with right now. However, there could be a lot of complications and major adjustments when Patient 6 is confirmed to be the real Jason.

The fingerprint is not the only clue to confirm Andrew Cain’s identity. Billy Miller’s Jason seems to have recognized Kim when they met. If Kim had a past with Drew, it’s not unusual for him to get the feeling that he met Dr. Nero somewhere even if his memory has been tampered with. General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode hint Sam will ask Jason where he met Kim. He can’t remember anything about her, but he certainly feels a connection with the woman.

Kim Vs. Sam

General Hospital head writer Shelly Altman revealed Kim will be in Port Charles for some time. Oscar’s mother will undoubtedly play an important role in the story. She might even make Sam’s life even more complicated in General Hospital since Dr. Kim Nero seems to have a past with Andrew.


Kim looked at Patient 6 with an affectionate gaze when they met during the Thanksgiving episode of General Hospital. She even found it difficult to believe that the man she saw was just Drew’s twin brother.

If evidence suggests Billy Miller is Jason Morgan, he will have a tough time even if Sam stays by his side. For Sam, it might also be confusing to accept Patient 6 is Jason. Plus, Drew seems to have a past with Kim, and there’s a possibility that Oscar is his son. Kim doesn’t look like a woman who can be easily bullied, and this might lead to a clash between Sam and Kim. It will be exciting to see how the plot develops and the revelation behind Kim’s real purpose in Port Charles.

General Hospital spoilers tease Carly might be involved in revealing the relationship between Kim and Drew. Oscar will continue to search for his father, but Kim wants to keep him in the dark. As speculated by Celeb Dirty Laundry, there seems to be more to Oscar’s paternity than what Kim wants her son to know. General Hospital spoilers hint a bigger story which will affect everyone -Kim and Oscar’s tale might be part of the bigger picture.