Woman Allegedly Kills Thanksgiving Guest After He Refuses To Share Crack With Her

Hennepin County Jail

A Thanksgiving celebration in Minneapolis turned deadly when a dinner guest lit up a crack pipe at the kitchen table, and refused to serve the hostess any of his drugs.

Writers for the New York Daily News report that Anenia Marie Hare, 47, invited over Edward Caliph, 69, to her apartment on Thursday to share a Thanksgiving meal. According to police, Hare explained that as they were eating, she glanced over and witnessed Caliph lighting up a crack pipe.

Hare became incensed because Caliph had not asked her beforehand if it was okay to do drugs in her apartment, and he reportedly also didn’t offer any of his crack to share.

“Hare [then] said she grabbed an antenna and butcher knife,” the Daily News writes, “stood in front of the apartment door and told Caliph he wasn’t allowed to leave. She told detectives she was only trying to appear intimidating.”

Caliph, fearful for his life, reportedly attempted to make a getaway by screaming out the window to neighbors to call 911, before breaking through the window with a vacuum cleaner. Hare then grabbed her guest by the shoulders and fell on top of him as the two wrestled over the knife Hare was still carrying.

thanksgiving crack guest
A Thanksgiving hostess reportedly killed her guest after he refused to share any of his crack with her.Featured image credit: circlePSiStock

“According to the complaint, the victim called for neighbors to call 911 as Hare stood between him and the exit,” USA Today shares, adding, “Hare told authorities the man then grabbed a vacuum cleaner and broke the window, and Hare grabbed him by the shoulders and fell on top of him.”

“I just grabbed him by the front and he went down,” Hare told police of the struggle. “To me, it just felt like I put him in a sleeper hold or something.”

Afterward, Hare claimed that Caliph fell face down and started to snore. She also claimed to have called 911 numerous times about the incident.

“Caliph was found face down on the living room floor near the broken window and was pronounced dead at the hospital,” the New York Post mentions. “An autopsy found that he died from ‘homicidal violence.'”

Hare was charged with second-degree murder and is, according to reports, currently being held on $500,000 bond at the Hennepin County Jail.