WWE News: Matt Hardy Getting New Character, Impact Wrestling Won't Contest It

After Matt Hardy had a breakdown in a WWE ring during Monday Night Raw this week, many believed that it was the start to Hardy bringing his "Broken" gimmick that fans loved in Impact Wrestling to the WWE. While most of the talk centered around speculations, Wednesday brought about actual evidence that this is where the WWE and Hardy are headed. It all started out with a Matt Hardy tweet, moved to an announcement by Impact Wrestling, then wrapped up with a report by Sports Illustrated.

Matt Hardy 'Breaks' On Monday Night Raw

The huge WWE rumors all kicked off on Monday Night Raw this week. Matt Hardy battled Bray Wyatt and lost in a match that wasn't even close. However, it was what happened after the match that excited the WWE Universe.

Matt Hardy sat in the center of the ring and started slapping the ropes. Then Hardy began to yell "Delete" over and over again while slashing his arm, the fans all playing along with him.

The fact that Matt Hardy lost to Bray Wyatt was also a clue because when the original Broken Matt rumors started in the WWE, the indication was that Matt would battle Bray, someone who actually ripped off the Final Deletion angle when The Wyatt Family fought New Day last year.

Matt Hardy Speaks Out

One of the biggest things that Matt Hardy did when he portrayed Broken Matt in Impact Wrestling was living the gimmick. Matt didn't just portray a broken man in the wrestling ring but he brought it to his Twitter account as well and made a lot of tweets concerning being broken.

Matt Hardy followed up his breakdown on Monday Night Raw with a statement on Twitter. He used his Broken Matt persona, which he now titles "Woken Matt Hardy," and said that there is "darkness and demons" in the WWE and he needed to "recruit loyal soldiers from around the planet" to help in his Great War.

It sounds like Woken Matt won't be fighting alone.

Impact Wrestling Makes A Statement On Broken Matt

The biggest reason that Matt Hardy couldn't use his "Broken Matt" persona when he and Jeff Hardy arrived in the WWE at WrestleMania this year was that Impact Wrestling had sent a cease and desist letter and was planning to fight Hardy in court for the rights to the gimmick.

However, PWInsider reported that Impact Wrestling has reached the decision to not fight Matt Hardy anymore concerning the Broken Matt gimmick. As a matter of fact, Anthem Sports issued a statement that said they will allow all current and former Impact Wrestling talent to continue using their gimmicks when they leave the company.

"We have seen the character development and will be interested to see where they take the concept. Our new talent agreements all incorporate language that allow talent to continue to use their IMPACT persona after they leave the company."
Interestingly, Wrestle Zone reported that Anthem Sports came to this decision because they were liable and wrong in a number of their demands concerning Matt Hardy. That report indicated that Anthem Sports was at fault for "negative financial and contractual issues" that caused them to back out of the entire dispute.

What Does WWE Plan For Broken Matt Hardy?

Sports Illustrated was the most recent news outlet to break news concerning Broken Matt Hardy in the WWE. According to the reports, the WWE has decided to create a new character that is based on the Broken Matt gimmick. The new character will share the same persona but use a new name.