15 Dogs Die Eating Bone Treats, FDA Warns Owners Not To Give Them To Their Pups

Giving your dog a simple bone treat can seem like a great idea to reward your best friend, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now warning against owners doing so.

The FDA states that they have recently received at least 68 reports of illness or death in conjunction with bone treats, which have affected at least 90 dogs. Fifteen of the cases turned fatal, with families having to bid goodbye to their best friend due to something totally avoidable.

While some people purchase these processed bones for their puppy pals during the holiday season, it is advised that they, instead, skip them and look for something else to give their pets. The FDA does say that giving a pet a bone from a turkey or chicken is acceptable, but that pet owners must keep an eye on them as they chew. The bones, especially the smaller ones, can be very brittle and break in a dog’s mouth, which could cause serious issues like choking.

The bone treats the FDA is advising the public against are defined as, “real bones that have been processed, sometimes flavored, and packaged for dogs.” Actual bones from animals, or those that you can purchase from a butcher, are not cooked or flavored.

Dogs who have consumed these dangerous treats have suffered from vomiting and diarrhea, intestinal blockage, internal bleeding, and blocked airways. Not all cases have been fatal, but owners still had to make a worrisome trip to the vet emergency room in order to save their dog’s life.

Dog in Spain wears t-shirt for his favorite football team [Image by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images]

The healthiest dog treats include those that are single-ingredient. Often, your local pet retailer will sell items such as dried fish or other meats that have not been processed or contain additives, which are healthy treats for your pup.

Other treats for your dog can be found right in your fridge. Blueberries are a fabulous snack for pups and can help their brain function. Quinoa and brown rice are good snacks for dogs suffering from an upset stomach. Many dogs are also partial to vegetables that are good for them, such as carrots or cabbage. However, when giving your dog a carrot, ensure that it is big enough that they do not choke.

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