When Is ‘Paw Patrol’ Season 4 Coming To Netflix?

Paw Patrol Season 4 only began in February of 2017, but parents of fans wanted to know immediately about its appearance on Netflix. It won’t be long until at least half the season is available. Just when will kids get to watch their favorite puppy superheroes?

The Nickelodeon children’s cartoon currently has three full seasons available on Netflix. The first half of Season 3 was added in September of 2016, as the Inquisitr previously reported. The second half was added earlier in 2017.

Paw Patrol Season 4 will be available from December 15, 2017, according to New on Netflix, although only the first half of the season will likely be available. The full fourth season has only just finished airing in full, with two Sea Patrol episodes on November 6, 2017. Those episodes haven’t aired all around the world yet.

The great for parents is that Paw Patrol Seasons 5 and 6 have been confirmed and are currently in development. They will both likely have double episodes as previous seasons have had. There may also be an hour-long feature for the first time in the fifth season. Another new pup may also be added to the crew, due to Everest and Tracker becoming quick favorites of children around the world.

Paw Patrol Season 4 starts with the double episode “Pups Save a Blimp” and “Pups Save the Chili Cook Off.” During the first episode, Ryder and his pups need to help get Capn’ Turbot’s blimp back after Mayor Humdinger steals it in an attempt to change the weather at Foggy Bottom. In the second episode, Mr. Porter’s stove explodes and it’s up to the team of pups to get things fixed in time for the annual chili cookoff.

The fourth season also introduced the pup royalty into the series, with Ryder and his team of pups being called in to save the throne. Episode 10, where Sweetie attempts to steal the throne, was the special 20-minute episode of the season. These single episodes have proven successful over the years, allowing an extra long storyline to develop new characters and explore bigger storylines.

Paw Patrol Season 4 will only be available on Netflix Canada in December. It’s only available for online streaming in Canada, U.K., and Ireland, but there is no confirmation as to when the season will be available in the other two countries.