Early Windows 7 Sales Eclipes Vista By 234%

The NPD Group have released early numbers for Windows 7 sales and they show that the new operating system is performing over two times better than the companies last OS, Windows Vista. Those numbers according to the firm include deep pre-order discounting, a strong marketing campaign and overall better reviews of the product.

While sales are up 234% those deep discounts used to secure pre-orders also cut into the companies earnings potention, allowing for an 82% increase in profits compared to Vista, still a nice chunk of change, but hardly comparative to the over two fold increase in sales.

According to Electronista:

Pre-order discounts dropped the average selling price of a Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade from its official $120 price down to $76. Windows 7 Professional’s average asking price dropped from $200 to $147, while only the Home Premium Family Pack was left virtually unchanged at $149.

Profit margins were also hurt by a distinct lack of new features found in Windows 7 Ultimate, a fact that made many power users gravitate towards cheaper version of the OS compared to those who purchased Vista Ultimate editions of the companies software which came with higher profit margins.

As more netbook manufacturers begin to switch over to the faster and lightweight OS and more PC sales contain the Windows 7 OS sales should continue to pick up with more manufacturers adapting the new operating system.

In any respect it’s a huge win for Microsoft, good job on finally getting it right guy.