David Cassidy ‘Sad, Lonely’ Years Before Death: Twitter Slams Dr. Phil ‘Partridge Family’ Star Interview

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David Cassidy, who soared from Partridge Family TV star to a singer loved around the world, continues to be missed. New reports are emerging of David’s years prior to his tragic death, and for those who loved Cassidy, some of those revelations are coming as a shocker.

Dr. Phil, famed for his celebrity interviews on his talk show, chose to re-broadcast his interview with David amid the renewed interest in Cassidy’s life. But while a few may have appreciated the chance to listen for the first time to Cassidy talk about his life to the TV shrink, Phil got blasted for what many Twitter users viewed as exploiting the death of the Partridge Family star for ratings. It struck many on the social media platform as in poor taste because of the focus on David’s alcohol abuse and dementia rather than his success as a singer.

David Cassidy’s Fans Meant Everything To Him

David earned that strong support from Twitter with his gratitude. Promoting his first Christmas album in a career that spanned 48 years, Cassidy expressed his gratitude to his fans, reported Closer Weekly.

“I have kids that are 6, 7, 8 years old who walk up to me [and start singing] ‘C’mon, Get Happy.’ My fans are everything.”

But just 11 months after discussing how “grateful” he felt for those kids of all ages who still cherished the Partridge Family theme song, David was headed to a Fort Lauderdale hospital with kidney and liver failure. Those factors, along with others, led to his death on November 21, 2017.

David Cassidy Enjoyed Success, But Then Came Tragedy

Cassidy was candid about his battle with dementia and alcohol abuse. Chip Deffaa, co-author of David’s autobiography C’mon, Get Happy: Fear And Loathing On The Partridge Family Bus, told Closer about Cassidy’s struggles.

“[David Cassidy] had success, but a lot of his life was sad and lonely.”

At age 20, David experienced the best and worst of fame when The Partridge Family premiered, pointed out his co-author. Cassidy enjoyed success with the biggest-selling record of 1970, and fans continue to admit that David was their first crush. But he couldn’t go anywhere in public without mobs forming to greet him.

David Cassidy, singer and "Partridge Family" star, struggled in his final years with alcoholism and dementia.
David Cassidy, singer and "Partridge Family" star, struggled in his final years with alcoholism and dementia.Featured image credit: Danny MoloshokAP Images

Cassidy revealed that alcoholism almost destroyed his life as he watched his mother struggle with dementia in 2005.

David Cassidy Discusses Dementia, Alcohol Abuse, And Destroyed Relationships

Recalling his mother’s final days, David was honest.

“[My mother’s] last week I was probably drinking 24 hours a day.”

In addition to dementia and alcohol abuse, Cassidy talked about the end of his 23-year marriage to Sue Shifrin. Their son Beau, now 26, was “becoming a young man,” recalled David. His daughter Katie “never had a relationship” with Cassidy, who faced three DUI charges in just three years.

Revealing that he was “64 days sober” at a March 15, 2014, concert, David told the publication that he refused to be defined by alcohol. Cassidy vowed that alcohol would “no longer be a problem.”

At the end, David “was more talented than he realized,” said the co-author of Cassidy’s autobiography. Deffaa also shared that Beau is a “good kid,” giving David “satisfaction” at the end of his life.

Dr. Phil Tweets David Cassidy Interview: Twitter Explodes

Just one week after the death of Cassidy, Dr. Phil announced his decision to broadcast his interview with the Partridge Family star again. Twitter exploded, reported Pop Culture.

The Dr. Phil Show account on Twitter made the announcement, describing the rerun of the interview as a “tribute to the late David Cassidy” in revealing the broadcast date.

“Rest In Peace, Mr. Cassidy.”

In the interview, David talked with Dr. Phil about battling alcoholism and dementia. Even though Cassidy said that he was “pretty much sober” for more than two years, David also listed his son Beau as his reason to live.

But Cassidy admitted that drinking had affected his relationship. Despite that, David viewed himself as the “ideal father” because of his willingness to do anything for his son.

David Cassidy Tells Dr. Phil What One Thing Prevented Him From Suicide

Cassidy even talked with Dr. Phil about the possibility of suicide.

“[My son is] the love of my life and probably the reason that I didn’t kill myself.”

David also recalled losing his sobriety. Cassidy revealed that an alcohol binge lasted two to three days or until he returned to AA. The Partridge Family star cited his 2015 dementia diagnosis as contributing to his alcoholism.

The revelations stunned Twitter users, many of whom blasted Dr. Phil for choosing to broadcast the interview again. Some described the decision as in “poor taste” and accused him of being unkind to Cassidy.

Twitter Blasts Dr. Phil For “Mean-Spirited” David Cassidy Interview

“Dr. Phil wasn’t very kind to him,” wrote one Twitter user.

“David Cassidy was portrayed as a liar and a relapsed drunk. It was a hard show to watch.”

Some felt that it would have been better to keep the interview off the air. One Twitter user pointed out that the interview was not how David would want to be remembered, while others expressed anguish at listening to Cassidy’s struggles.

Some fans were particularly upset with Dr. Phil, describing the interview as “mean-spirited” and questioning broadcasting the episode again so soon after David’s death.

“This episode of Dr. Phil with David Cassidy is painful to watch and airing it at this time is in poor taste,” summed up one Twitter fan.

When Cassidy died, he was 67-years-old. In a statement about his passing, his family said that David “died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long.” The family expressed appreciation to his fans for their support.