Angelina Jolie Can Spend Christmas Overseas With Kids, Reportedly Rejected Brad Pitt’s $100 Million Offer

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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are not living under the same roof and if previous reports are to be believed, then the father of six will not be able to spend Christmas 2017 with his children as his ex-wife has plans to take the kids overseas. The personal lives of both the Hollywood A-list stars have always remained one of the hottest topics in Hollywood. First, it was their love for each other and their joint philanthropic work that attracted everyone and now after more than a year of their separation, their individual lives have created multiple news reports.

When the entertainment world was filled with sexual allegations, divorce news, or alleged cheating scandals, it was the relationship of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie that gave hope to everyone, that even behind the silver screen, love is possible. However, as many of their well-wishers remember this for a fact that even their affair was allegedly started with a cheating scandal. Back when Brad Pitt was happily married to Jennifer Aniston, he shared screen space with Angelina Jolie for the first time in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. There have been alleged reports that it was around the same time when Brad reportedly got intimate with his co-star, who would later become his wife.

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It was recently reported that Angelina is delaying the divorce proceedings but Brad wishes to move on from all this drama as soon as possible.

“Angie has rejected every single offer, including the most recent one, for $100 million.”

Meanwhile, Brad is more worried about his kids and the upcoming holidays.

Given the fact that Brad and Angelina have moved on in their individual lives, chances are pretty slim that the entire family will be spending Christmas 2017 together under the same roof. Brad Pitt’s colleague from the film Fury told Hollywood Life that Brad wishes to see the kids all the time, but it is allegedly not possible as it is decided by Angelina when her former husband can see their kids.

Not only this, even Brad’s family is taking these divorce proceedings very hard. Just because of Brad and Angelina’s divorce, the former’s parents are not able to see their grandchildren. The media outlet went on to suggest that Brad’s family wishes to see their six grandchildren during Christmas 2017 in Missouri. However, that’s not going to possible because Brad is afraid that his estranged wife will be taking their kids to London or some other place.

“What’s even worse is that Brad’s got to worry that she might take them out of the country for the holidays, to London or something. She’s very unpredictable.”

As of now, all the claims have not been verified by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s representatives. So, there are chances that these are nothing but rumors in their personal lives.

Just like a few days ago, it was allegedly reported that after ending his marriage with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has officially moved on and is now in a happy relationship with Princess Charlotte Casiraghi. There were several outlets claiming that Charlotte and Brad are in a relationship, but their representatives denied the claims and revealed that there is nothing going on between the two.

Prior to this, there were claims that Brad’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston is reportedly very worried about Brad Pitt’s health. The Friends star understood what it feels like when one faces divorce, so she reportedly made herself available for her ex-husband.