'Counting On' Crew Member Drops Hint About Whether The Duggar Family Will Return To TV

Counting On fans have been eagerly awaiting an announcement that the Duggar family's show will return for another season. TLC has kept them in suspense for weeks, but a Counting On crew member possibly just spilled the beans about the show's fate.

When the season finale of Counting On aired on October 23, some viewers were alarmed that the episode did not include a sneak peek at the next season of the show. TLC usually tacks on a few teaser scenes from future Counting On episodes, so fans of the Duggar family can rest easy while they wait for the network to announce the next season's official premiere date. TLC has not revealed whether the absence of the sneak peek was a sign that the future of the Duggars' reality series was uncertain, but it's starting to look likely that the family will return to TV.

On November 25, cinematographer John Rotan revealed that he was visiting the Duggar family's home state of Arkansas. He shared an Instagram photo that was taken at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, and he informed his followers that he was catching an early morning flight.

"Early morning flight from @flyxna #airport #flying #travel #nwarkansas #arkansas," he wrote.

According to his IMDB page, John Rotan has worked on Counting On as a director of photography. It's possible that he was in Arkansas to film the Duggar family's Thanksgiving festivities.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Rotan recently had a brief exchange with Amy Duggar on Instagram. The two joked about the size of the Duggar family's Thanksgiving dinner, and their comments seemed to suggest that they enjoyed the meal together.

"Yeah…those Duggar Thanksgiving dinners! #foodbaby #kiddingnotkidding," Rotan wrote.

Rotan's presence in Arkansas isn't the only sign that Counting On may be returning to TV in the near future. On November 24, TLC updated the show's Facebook page for the first time in weeks. Many of the page's followers responded to the Thanksgiving-centered post by asking when the next season of the show will start.

Some fans of the Duggar family have been concerned about the actions of one Counting On star putting the future of the show in jeopardy. As reported by the Hollywood Gossip, there was rampant speculation that the show would be canceled after Jill Duggar's husband, Derick Dillard, made transphobic remarks about another TLC star. The network later announced that it had cut ties with Derick and that he hadn't "participated in Counting On for months." The statement seemed to indicate that the other stars of the show have been filming since last season's finale aired.

TLC has also decided to exclude Josh Duggar from Counting On, so John Rotan and the rest of the show's camera crew were presented with a unique challenge if they were indeed in Arkansas to film the Duggars' Thanksgiving celebration. Josh and Derick both appear in the Thanksgiving photos on the Duggar Family website, meaning that the crew had to carefully film around both of them.