Yeti Mystery Finally Solved? Famous Abominable Snowman Revealed To Be Bears And A Dog

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Yeti has long been the subject of hoaxes and it continued to be one of the favorite discussions among Science and mystery enthusiasts. It started when people began sharing blurry photos and videos of supposedly abominable snowman, but until now its existence has not been proven.

Now, a research group disclosed that the mythical Yeti, or sometimes being referred to as the abominable snowman or bigfoot, is just a bear. To back up their claim, scientists studied nine samples of the creature’s body parts that were collected from various sources.

The study that was published on The Royal Society Publishing revealed that none of the samples belong to the huge hairy creature that was said to inhabit the Himalayas and Tibetan plateau.

The analysis was based on sequences of DNA from the central energy source of the cell called the mitochondria. Scientists compared the specimens with genetic data stored in the extensive international database.

“Of those nine samples, eight of them matched local bears that are found in the region today,” lead researcher, Dr. Charlotte Lindqvist, said. She added that they discovered the ninth sample is actually a dog’s tooth collected from a stuffed yeti.

To be more precise, the yetis that were thought to be living in the vicinity of Tibetan plateau are just Tibetan brown bears while the yeti items from the mountains of the Himalayas matched with the Himalayan brown bear and possibly some Asian black bears too.

Lindqvist and her co-researchers came to these conclusions after analyzing samples that were believed to be from Yetis. The objects include a bone, hair, tooth, skin and fecal droplets. Aside from the mountains and plateaus, the other samples were picked up from relic storage sources like the Messner Mountain Museum.

Most probably, the most famous “proof” that made people believe that yeti exist was the photo that shows a giant footprint embossed on the snow, taken near Mt. Everest. According to CBC News, the mysterious snap triggered the “Yeti fever” in 1951 and it sent explorers to the Himalayas to catch a glimpse of them.

Unfortunately, even after decades of explorations and numerous reports of sightings, no one was able to give real evidence to prove that the abominable snowman is living somewhere.

Meanwhile, the Yeti is an enormous ape-like hairy creature that has been described as half-man, half-beast. Based on legends, not much is known about them because they only appear for a few seconds and disappear at once.