Jake Paul And Gucci Mane Collaboration: YouTubers React As Mane Refocuses On His Book, Music, And Fashion Line

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The controversial YouTuber Jake Paul is at it again with his newest music video featuring hip-hop artist Gucci Mane.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the unlikely collaboration was costly. It was reported that Gucci Mane would not sign up for a contract that was under $250K. Though it was a steep price, Paul probably found the cash he needed to fund the collaboration because it is now live on his channel.

The music video for It’s Everyday Bro (Remix) has already garnered nearly 14 million views. Mane came in after almost a minute and a half in the video, while Paul was doing the second voice.

The curious collaboration earned a lot of haters online. There was also an anonymous source that showed a text message that noted how Paul needed to pay top bucks for “people to be friends with him.” The text added that with other musicians, some do collaborations for free.

According to Hollywood Life, the negotiations for the collaboration have been going on for the past months. The rumors of their collaboration came around September and by that time, Mane’s fans were just hoping it was just a hoax.

Others were skeptical about Mane’s decision and said that this might be the fall of his career.


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Mane’s fans still have mixed reactions about this, but major YouTube channels have their own opinions about the video.

ZIAS! posted a reaction video on Paul’s single who noted that the lyrics are incomprehensible. There was a line about God and it was vague for the YouTubers and they felt like it simply didn’t make sense. Though they critiqued Paul’s antics and performance, when it came to Mane’s clip, they were somehow pleased.

Meanwhile, Mane seemed to have put Paul’s video in his past. He is now focusing on his literary debut, “The Autobiography of Gucci Mane” as well as his music career after getting a $10 million contract extension with Atlantic Records, according to The New Yorker.

Mane was not diving into Paul’s video and had rarely promoted it online, but he is actively using the publicity to focus on his brand. Mane is also releasing an exclusive holiday merch collection, The Fader reported. Mane’s merchandise collection was full of “ugly Christmas” sweaters, pink socks, and more.

As for Paul, there was a rumor of an Atlantic deal, but nothing definitive has been confirmed.