Who Went Home On 'The Challenge: Champs Vs. Stars' Episode 2? [Spoilers]

The tensions were high on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars tonight on MTV, as Terrell Owens was not having anything to do with the Champs. Viewers also saw some injuries, with Jenna taking a bad fall while jumping off a wall during The Challenge tonight.

Who went home on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars tonight? Find out the Episode 2 results below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, the contestants all entered the show and the drama started early, as Johnny Bananas was trying to get under the skin of his opponents and it worked, with Ariane Andrew getting flustered and ticked off. The challenge for the week had the players pulling a semi truck and subbing players in and out along the way, which the Champs won. They picked Zack as the MVP, so he got $5,000 for his charity. He also had to vote in a teammate into the elimination challenge, as did the Stars for losing. Before the elimination challenge, they were partying and Camila got drunk and hit one of the crew members, so she was sent home. At the elimination challenge, it was Cory taking on Matt and Matt was victorious, so Cory was eliminated.

The Challenge

For this challenge, called "Parkour The Course," it is all about agility. The teams will be running through an obstacle course and collecting flags along the way. They will be playing in teams, with men versus men and then women versus women. One team was on defense and the other team on offense. The flags were different colors and had different point values for each color. The winning team got to vote for an MVP, who would then have to nominate someone on their team as the LVP (Least Value Player). This week was a female elimination week.


The Stars went first and scored 72 points. Wes didn't even have to compete tonight on The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, as The Champs scored 102 points and easily won this one. Emily was voted the MVP tonight, but Jenna did injure her ankle during the competition.

Bad Juju For The Champs

The big talk of the night was Jenna and if she would be able to compete for the rest of the season. She said she was fine, but her team was doubting her. Then Wes came in, as they waited to hear what the doctors said about Jenna, and announced that Ashley might be out of the game as well, as her family might be pulling the plug on her father that day. It looks like she is emotional but staying in the game.

Nomination Ceremony

The Miz came into the room and Jenna's injury was so bad that she needed surgery and had to leave the game. He said the game had to go on though, as the nominations were about to happen. Before that happened, there was some major drama between CT and Terrell, as Terrell told the Champs he wanted no interaction with them this season. However, CT asked The Miz a question and Terrell was sitting on the couch making a face and drawing tears down his face, thinking CT was crying and whining.
They had some major words and it ended with Terrell getting up and getting in CT's face, but CT was not backing down. No nominations tonight, but Jenna was sent home for an injury.