People Are Incredibly Mad At Disney Over 'Olaf's Frozen Adventure' For Really Interesting Reasons

The No. 1 movie in the world right now is Disney-Pixar's Coco which people have fallen in love with, but they aren't exactly thrilled with everything that comes with it. Before Coco even begins, there is the "not-so-short" animated short called Olaf's Frozen Adventure which precedes the main feature. Even though it is an incredibly adorable short with some humorous moments and fun songs, people are overly mad at Disney for it.

All Pixar films end up in theaters with a five- to seven-minute short that is usually also from Pixar, and ends up with a lovable character to get you ready for the feature. Coco ended up being slightly different as Olaf's Frozen Adventure is the first non-Pixar short to accompany a Pixar movie.

For that reason and a number of others, people are lashing out at Disney and simply not happy about the lovable snowman trying to find some Christmas traditions.

According to Vanity Fair, movie-goers are rather upset that Olaf's Frozen Adventure isn't exactly a "short" since it lasts for 21 minutes. When you add that to the one hour and 49-minute runtime of Coco combined with 15 to 20 minutes of previews, that's a really long time for people to sit in theaters with kids.

There are plenty of other reasons that people going to see Coco will not be too thrilled with Olaf's Frozen Adventure and it is due to it not fitting the theme of the feature film. As Inside The Magic reports, the two movies have very different demographics and deliver extremely different messages.

Yes, both can be associated with bringing families together, but Christmas traditions and Dia de los Muertos are not really similar. Some people are actually taking offense to the holiday cheer of the short while Coco explores the deep and serious side of Mexican culture, and it isn't sitting well with everyone.

Throw in the fact that many people have still not made it past the Frozen overkill and they just weren't ready for more of it. It will likely be just as difficult for them to deal in two years when Frozen 2 hits theaters, but Disney isn't going to pass on that money juggernaut.

As the anger starts spewing forth about Olaf's Frozen Adventure, there are arguments for both sides as many are happy about it as well. Still, there will be debates for as long as Coco is in theaters and it has only just started.

Coco has already brought in more than $75 million in less than a week of its domestic theater release and it has more than $157 million worldwide. People are going to keep heading out to see the Disney-Pixar film even though many are bringing about a lot of negative criticism to Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Sure, it may not exactly be a "short" and it may not fit the feature film, but it's still cute and isn't too much Frozen to send you over the edge.