Kane Quickly Destroys Kayfabe Based On What He Did After 'Raw' Ended [Photo]

This is what Kane was doing after Raw ended, and it did not reflect what happened at the end of the show. For many years, the art of kayfabe, or bringing life to characters beyond the ring, was an essential part of professional wrestling. For many, the business cannot sustain its importance without it. In fact, despite the frame of mind of many independent wrestling fans, characters matter. Without it, names such as Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, The Undertaker, The Rock, and Steve Austin would not be among some of the most legendary names in pro wrestling history.

Since 1997, Kane has also been a person who relies heavily on his character. Known as the "Big Red Monster," Kane has embraced his dark, sinister gimmick to maintain a 20-year career with WWE. Being a part of major feuds with numerous top names, Kane debuted as The Undertaker's brother, who was storyline abandoned by the Phenom as a kid, and thought to be dead. With Paul Bearer continuously chanting "He's alive!" for many months, he finally shocked his brother by interfering in his Hell in a Cell match against Shawn Michaels at Bad Blood on October 5, 1997. Since then, Kane has undergone numerous changes in his character to maintain relevance.

Nowadays, Kane has spent the past year rallying to become mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Despite his political endeavors, the 50-year-old Glenn Jacobs made his return on the Raw brand from SmackDown Live to attack Roman Reigns and align with The Miz, The Bar, and Braun Strowman. However, during the 3-on-5 handicap match at TLC, Kane and Strowman were at odds with each other, and ended up brawling. They would since be a part of an intense feud, with both using a chair to crush each other's throat on subsequent Raw events.

While Strowman sold his throat injury a week after it occurred, Kane's selling ended after Raw ended. In fact, Kane was seen hanging out at Calhoun's On The River restaurant and local radio stations promoted his after party following Raw. He was also joined by Goldust.


It is quite clear that Kane is all about becoming mayor of Knox County come election day on May 1, even if he is willing to destroy kayfabe and hang out with friends publicly after Raw. Kane has spent 20 years staying in kayfabe, so many would not hang this night over his head in a negative manner.