Latrell Sprewell Arrested For Disorderly Conduct, Loud Music

Latrell Sprewell was arrested on New Year’s Eve, reportedly for disorderly conduct after loud music complaints led to a police visit.

According to Deadspin, Latrell Sprewell was the subject of not one but two neighbor complaints about his bangin’ playlist, and the 42-year-old former NBA star was booked before the New Year’s Eve party could even get going in Milwaukee:

“Police said they had received two noise complaints within an hour of each other, and had received numerous complaints over the preceding months. Sprewell was booked into jail at 4:15 p.m. Monday, and quickly bonded out.”

The local Journal Sentinel obtained records regarding Latrell Sprewell’s arrest, and the report indicates that “repeated” complaints were lodged before the NBA star’s arrest:

“Milwaukee native and former NBA star Latrell Sprewell was arrested for disorderly conduct Monday afternoon after police received repeated complaints about loud music coming from a house on E. Pleasant St. on Milwaukee’s east side, according to jail records reviewed by the Journal Sentinel Tuesday.”

TMZ adds that Latrell presumably missed the big moment and spent the 2012 to 2013 changeover in the clink as the retired athlete was “booked into jail at 9:16 PM, but wasn’t released until after midnight.”

Deadspin adds that Latrell Sprewell’s arrest caps off a series of unfortunate circumstances that have plagued the retired athlete in his post-NBA years — the basketball star has also suffered house arrest, foreclosure, a yacht repossession, and infamy for being a “tax deadbeat” in Wisconsin.

It is not currently clear what sort of penalties are likely to result from Sprewell’s New Year’s Eve arrest.