LPBW: Jacob Roloff Is An Awesome Uncle, Plays Patty Cake With Jackson, Rocks Ember To Sleep

It seems like Jacob Roloff is making up for lost time as he's been seen hanging out with his formerly estranged family more often. It helps a lot that the Little People, Big World family now has two new reasons to get together as often as possible with a couple of babies to keep things fun. Even the so-called rebel of the family has shown that he can be an awesome uncle to his nephew Jackson and niece Ember Jean.

Jacob, along with his girlfriend Isabel Rock, spent Thanksgiving Day with mom Amy and other members of the Roloff family. The only one missing was his father Matt, who was away on a vacation. Jacob took the opportunity to spend as much time with the family, particularly with baby Jackson and baby Ember, as he could.

In a set of photos he shared on Instagram, Jacob can be seen playing with Jackson. Zach and Tori's 6-month-old son was photographed lying down on his red Radio Flyer wagon while Uncle Jacob was playing with him.

In another photo, Jacob said he was clapping Jackson's hands to the tune of Patty Cake, a popular nursery rhyme also known as Pat-a-cake. The two were wearing matching gray sweaters, which went well with their equally happy smiles. Jacob said in his post that Jackson was "LOVIN it."

The last photo in the set shows a much more hushed feeling though Jacob is clearly loving the moment. Jacob is carrying baby Ember who's fast asleep in his arms. Ember is wearing her "little bow" as the "happy uncle" said.

Fans didn't fail to commend Jacob for being an awesome and wonderful uncle to Jackson and Ember.

"Winning the Funcle (Fun Uncle) award already," said one follower.

"Your [sic] killing me with this outpour of uncle love," said another.

Jacob made news back in 2015 after he abruptly left Little People, Big World claiming that the show was scripted and that he wasn't getting any salary for his part. Jacob also said that the show was doing more bad than good to the Roloff family.

After leaving the Little People, Big World, Jacob went on a road trip with Isabel. The two documented their travels on YouTube. They were also busy writing their own books. Jacob has already released Verbing and is working on a second book, Out to See.

Jacob has since mended his relationship with mom Amy and other members of the Roloff family. In fact, he's been a constant sight at Roloff Farms since pumpkin season last month.