Justin Bieber Desperate To Win Selena Gomez Friends Over After Reconciliation: Will They Forgive Him?

Justin Bieber knows he'll have a lot of work to do in order to make Selena Gomez's friends see that he's a changed man, according to a source.

The singer, who reconciled with his on-again, off-again girlfriend last month, is said to have gone above and beyond to show the people around them that the relationship is genuine.

Prior to their last breakup, it appeared as if everyone around Selena Gomez's camp was tired hearing about the arguments the two would get into, consequently resulting in Gomez getting her heart broken and vowing to stay away from Justin.

Following her breakup from The Weeknd, however, the singer realized that the love she has for Justin Bieber never really went away and ultimately made the choice to give the romance another chance.

Justin, who reportedly felt the same way, has been dedicating his time to his church and his religion in the hopes of becoming a better person, and a better partner to his significant other.

According to Hollywood Life, the "Purpose" hitmaker knows he has a lot of making up to do in order for Selena's friends to see just how much he has changed as a person.

While Gomez can tell her pals that Justin Bieber has made endless improvements, actions tend to speak louder than words, which is why he's determined to prove to Selena's friends and family that their decision to reconcile was a good idea.

Convincing Selena's friends about his drastic change isn't going to be easy, a source reveals, but because Justin Bieber is head over heels in love with the pop star, he will do whatever it takes to make them see that their romance is genuine.

News of Justin's plans to win over Selena's friends and family comes just weeks after it was claimed that the duo had been looking at houses together.

From what's been said, the duo plans on sharing a home in Los Angeles, which they believe will solidify their relationship and only make their romance grow stronger.

No word on whether they have found anything that they both like just yet.

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