Trump And Two Empty Chairs: Trump Clowned On Twitter, Likened To Clint Eastwood Talking To Empty Chair [Video]

President Donald Trump is getting a lot of attention for leaving two empty seats next to him during a meeting in the White House on Tuesday, November 28. As reported by the Inquisitr, Trump spoke about handling the fact that North Korea launched a missile that traveled approximately 620 miles and landed in the waters off of Japan - and Trump was flanked by two empty seats as he did so. The two empty seats were reserved for Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of California - or "Chuck and Nancy" as Trump called the duo in an early morning tweet, seen below.

The fact that Trump left two empty seats on either side of him in the Roosevelt Room of the White House as he met with congressional leaders is setting off a slew of comparisons to Clint Eastwood. As seen in the below ABC News video titled "Clint Eastwood RNC Speech (COMPLETE): Actor Assails Obama Through Empty Chair," Clint used an empty chair in 2012 to have a pretend conversation with President Obama. As a result, Trump's two empty chairs are being called a stunt by some folks tweeting about Trump on Twitter, with claims that Trump is thinking more like a reality TV show producer than a president.

Trump sits next to two empty chairs in the White House.
Trump sits next to two empty chairs in the White House. [Image by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images]

"Sorry, Trump is the juvenile with his demeaning tweets. Posing with two empty chairs. That's reality TV."

President Trump now is the subject of plenty of photos and videos that show him giving the visual message that a deal cannot be made with two empty chairs. However, the below tweet from Trump's Twitter account is being blamed as the reason there were two empty chairs flanking Trump at all, with the president accusing "Chuck and Nancy" of wanting to allow "illegal immigrants" to flood into the U.S. without being vetted and calling them weak on crime. Trump also claimed that Schumer and Pelosi wanted to raise taxes.

President Trump's empty chairs optic has caused heated responses on social media, with individuals claiming that Trump is using his Twitter feed irresponsibly and treating meetings like photo opportunities with the empty chairs set-up.