Katy Perry Accidentally Kicked A Ball At A Fan's Face During Recent 'Witness Tour' Stop

Katy Perry is currently on her Witness Tour and recently made a stop in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. As part of her shows, the singer has a theme that includes inflatable balls that are made to look like eyes. During the concert, many of these inflatable eyes are thrown and kicked around the stage, as well as around the arena itself. While the inflatable eyes are part of the decor, Katy Perry is known to interact with them when they come her way on the stage.

Although the inflatable eyeballs might be rather innocent, while singing her hit song "Roar," it seems that Katy Perry was kicking and hitting the balls that came her way. As Cinema Blend reported, at one point during the song, while Perry was singing and kicking the inflatable eyes, one of them was accidentally kicked towards a fan's face.

Although the fan did end up getting hit in the face with the ball, the audience member did not seem all that upset about what happened, as she ended up posting a video of the inflatable coming her way to social media. The young woman, Jordan Hanks, was actually filming the Katy Perry concert with her phone when the ball came straight at her face. In fact, the ball ended up knocking her phone out of her hand and onto the ground. According to Hanks, after one of the balls landed on the stage by Katy Perry during her performance of "Roar," "I didn't realize that she was kicking it right at my face until it was too late."

After Jordan Hanks uploaded the video to her Twitter account, she shared that the encounter with the ball actually left her with a black eye. However, while getting a ball to the face was less than pleasant, it seems that Jordan Hanks has no hard feelings. Even during the video, Hanks can be heard laughing after she gets hit by the ball, and when the camera is picked back up, it shows her facial expression, and while she seems to be shocked about getting an eyeball to the face, she certainly does not seem upset.

Since Jordan Hanks posted her video from the Katy Perry concert, social media has had plenty of things to say, often joking with her about how "lucky" she was or saying that they wish the same had happened to them. Even the company that makes the inflatable balls reached out to Hanks and asked to connect with her on social media.

While Jordan Hanks admitted that she originally did not plan to attend the Katy Perry concert and was sold the ticket at the last-minute by a friend of hers, she apparently had a good time even with getting hit in the face by an inflatable eyeball.

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]