Trump On North Korea KN-20 ICBM Missile That Traveled About 620 Miles: 'We Will Handle It.' [Video]

North Korea has fired another missile after having not fired a missile for more than two months. According to PBS, it is not clear what type of missile North Korea fired and the complete path of the missile is still being analyzed. However, the North Korean missile was launched from an area to the north of Pyongyang on Wednesday, local time, according to the South Korean military. The missile launched was recognized by U.S. authorities at 1:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 28, according to a spokesman for the Pentagon, Col. Robert Manning.

While more details are to come about the North Korean missile launch, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders turned to Twitter to acknowledge that President Donald Trump was briefed about the missile launch while the missile was still in the air on its trajectory. The Pentagon noted that the missile launch by North Korea did not pose a threat to the U.S., even though their KN-20 intercontinental ballistic missile (or ICBM) traveled approximately 1,000 miles prior to splashing down in the Economic Exclusion Zone of Japan in the Sea of Japan. According to Business Insider, North Korea fired their highest-flying ICBM yet when it launched the missile near the coast of Japan.

The missile traveled more than 620 miles, which is approximately 1,000 km, prior to splashing down in the Sea of Japan. The North Korean missile, according to CNN, known as the KN-20 intercontinental ballistic missile, is one that might be able to reach the U.S., therefore, the world awaits Trump's response to the latest missile launch.

Trump's planned live address to the nation was expected to touch on the new GOP tax plan as well as any reaction to North Korea launching another missile, with Kim Jong Un seemingly taunting President Trump, who dubbed him "Rocket Man." Previously, North Korea launched an ICBM on September 15, which flew across Japan.

President Trump can be seen in the top photo above waving to journalists after departing from the GOP Senate Policy Committee luncheon on Capitol Hill. Video of Trump's reaction to the latest North Korean missile launch can be watched via a variety of means, as seen below, but Trump's answer was pretty short, claiming that the situation would be handled.
"We will take care of it. It is a situation that we will handle."
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