'Destiny 2' Free Trial Available For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

A free trial of Destiny 2 was released Tuesday for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC just ahead of the Curse of Osiris expansion launch in one week. The trial will give players a limited access to the full game with no apparent time limit.

The Destiny 2 trial is now available to download from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, and Blizzard's Battle.net desktop app. The trial is essentially a full game download with PlayStation 4 owners needing 78 GB free, Xbox One owners 36 GB, and PC gamers 68 GB.

The trial includes the first eight missions of the Destiny 2 campaign, which take players through the opening of the Red War and to Jupiter's moon of Titan. The Farm social space will also be available along with the Quickplay option in the Crucible featuring matches of Control, Clash, and Supremacy.

Access to Destiny 2 clans is also included in the trial. This means the chance to play with others plus earn Clan XP. Just note that a PlayStation Plus or Xbox LIVE subscription is required for both of those platforms.

New Destiny 2 characters will only be able to reach level 8 during the free trial. However, progress will carry over if an upgrade to the full version is purchased.

A Hunter faces off against a Fallen enemy in Destiny 2.
[Image by Bungie/Activision]

Bungie is also encouraging existing Destiny 2 owners to help out the trial players. They will be given XP buffs, which is somewhat humorous given the current controversy, as well as an exclusive emblem that shows how many Campaign Missions have been completed with trial players.

The above information means Destiny 2 trial players will not have access to campaign missions after the "Utopia" mission, will not have access to Trials of the Nine, will not have access to the Strike playlist, patrols, Leviathan raid, or Iron Banner and Faction Rally events. However, Public Events, Lost Sectors, and other activities in the public play space in the European Dead Zone will be available.

The Curse of Osiris expansion launches Tuesday, December 5 for Destiny 2. The first expansion to the game adds several new story missions, two new Strikes, the Lighthouse social area, a public event play space and the Infinite Forest on Mercury, and a raid lair experience on the Leviathan. New Crucible maps will also be added along with weapons, armor, and new end-game quests to forge weapons.

[Featured Image by Bungie/Activision]