Since He Accused Adam Venit, Terry Crews Feels Betrayed By Russell Simmons And More

Since the time he accused Adam Venit, Terry Crews has felt betrayed, saying that Venit, his attacker, has gotten a pass for grabbing his crotch at an industry party. Crews believes that if the same had been done to a woman, then Venit would not be back to work. Crews also says that several people have reached out to him, telling him to drop the charges against Venit and let the incident go, and this includes Russell Simmons, who sent Crews an email to that effect.

Terry Crews says that after the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit the news, and people were coming forward with their #metoo stories, Crews had PTSD from his alleged assault at the hands of WME talent agent Adam Venit.

"My wife n I were at a Hollywood function last year n a high-level Hollywood executive came over 2 me and groped my privates. Jumping back I said What are you doing?! My wife saw everything n we looked at him like he was crazy. He just grinned like a jerk."

Crews explained that his impulse was to "stomp the guy," but he instead made a complaint and filed a police report. Initially, Terry Crews didn't name Venit for fear of repercussions, but information soon linked out.

But since he accused Adam Venit, Terry Crews says that certain people have reached out and asked him to give Venit a pass and let it go. Crews says that Russell Simmons, in particular, sent him an email asking him to drop it.

The Los Angeles Times published a screenshot of the email from Simmons to Crews asking that he make things right for Adam Venit.

"Did he ever apologize. Give the agent a pass. Ask that he be reinstated. With great love, all things are possible."

Terry Crews responded that he had no intention of letting Adam Venit get away with such behavior.

"NO ONE GETS A PASS," he wrote.

Terry Crews, a former NFL player, believes because he's a male and a big guy at that, people believe he should shake it off and move on, but Crews says that the manner of his assault has caused him ongoing PTSD. Like many victims of sexual assault, Crews claims that others have tried to make him feel ashamed.

"I've never felt more emasculated, more objectified. I was horrified. I will not be shamed. I did nothing wrong. It was foul to the core, and it still shocks me."
And Terry Crews says he doesn't care whether Russell Simmons (who has now been accused himself of sexual assault) or anyone else asks him to drop his case against Adam Venit, he will not drop the charges. But Crews is saddened that Venit got a pass from his agency after WME allowed him to return after an unpaid suspension, according to Us Weekly.

Terry Crews responded on Twitter to Venit's return to WME this week.


Terry Crews said he spoke to Ari Emanuel, the head of WME, to ask why Adam Venit was being given a pass when Emanuel himself wanted to blacklist Mel Gibson for using anti-Semitic language.

"Copy of the actual @HuffPost letter I gave @AriEmanuel in which he DEMANDED Mel Gibson be blacklisted for anti-Semitic remarks. I exchanged Adam Venit for Mel, and sexual assault for anti-Semitic. He said 'it's different' and handed the letter back to me."

Since his reported assault by Adam Venit, Terry Crews has been very public, taking a stand for the rights of victims, and trying to spread the word that predators are not just in the entertainment industry. Crews hopes that by speaking out about his experience with Adam Venit, more people -- especially men -- will feel more comfortable telling their stories.

"Hollywood is not the only business where this happens, and to the casualties of this behavior — you are not alone. Hopefully, me coming forward with my story will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless."

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