'General Hospital' Spoilers: SB, BM Characters Fight Over Jason ID -- Drew's Memory And Identity Lost Forever?

The new General Hospital promo video, which teases that "Andrew Cain" ("Cain" could simply be Drew's adoptive name) is Jason Morgan, has sparked speculation that Drew, presumed to be Billy Miller's character, could be declared the real Jason Morgan in a shocking plot twist. However, the promo video information is deliberately cryptic, and it's difficult to guess from the preview whether GH is saying that Billy Miller's character is Andrew Cain, and thus the real Jason Morgan, or whether Steve Burton's character is Andrew Cain and the real Jason Morgan.

However, it seems clear, based on what is known about the histories of the respective twins, that Billy Miller's character was the twin Dr. Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) met in San Diego years back and who might have fathered Oscar (current buzz suggests that Oscar might not be Kim's biological child). There is no evidence that Steve Burton's Jason went missing from Port Charles and that he might have lived in San Diego 15 years ago when Kim Nero dated Drew. Burton's character appears to understand that he was missing from Port Charles for only five years during which Billy Miller's character impersonated him, according to Soap Central. It is Billy Miller's character who appears to have an unknown past that could make him the Navy Seal Kim met at a bar in San Diego 15 years ago, and might have fathered Oscar (Garren Stitt) with Kim. Sonny thought that the piece of information from Kim that Drew was a Navy Seal could explain BM Jason's familiarity with weapons, and his professional poise in life-threatening situations, as SheKnows Soaps noted.

Of course, most fans are assuming that Patient 6's memories -- which appear to suggest he is the real Jason Morgan -- are authentic. For all we know, he could be the one carrying a complete set of transplanted Jason Morgan memories while the original Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) has had his memories so severely tampered with that he appears less convincingly the real Jason Morgan. Going by Andre's (Anthony Montgomery) claim that the effect of the memory swap experiments are permanent and irreversible, and the resulting situation where both twins are left fighting to claim Jason Morgan's identity, the original Drew, identifiable only by his unique memories, could be permanently lost.

Patient 6 denied knowing Kim when she accosted him at the Corinthos' Thanksgiving party. He identified himself as Jason Morgan and Billy Miller's character as Drew. Nero's hosts, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright), also insisted that Patient 6 was Jason Morgan and that Kim would soon meet his twin, Drew, who also lives in Port Charles.

However, Billy Miller's character would also likely have no recollection of Kim and her son, Oscar, when they meet and he would deny that he could not have fathered Oscar since he never knew his mother, Kim. But based on the information furnished by Sonny and Carly, Kim could assume that Miller's character is Drew, although she would be creeped out by his appearance. But Carly would explain that BM Jason's appearance was changed through surgery. Regardless, Kim would find it difficult to connect with Drew since people fall in love with individuals who have distinctive appearances and not with names. Thus, even if Billy Miller's character is identified as Drew, the fact still remains that it is Patient 6 who has the appearance of the old Drew that Kim used to know.

Would Kim still want to reconnect with Billy Miller's character when she confronts him?

On the other hand, Sam has assured Jason (Billy Miller) she does not care whether he is Drew or Jason Morgan and that she loves him with all her heart. She promised that she would stand by him because of their established partnership in "business, life, and parenting."

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