'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Will Learns That He Cheated On His Husband With Paul -- How Does It Impact Him?

The love triangle between Sonny, Paul, and Will is not new to Days of Our Lives fans. The three have had a complicated relationship from the very beginning. Now that Will is learning more about his past relationship, however, he is forced to face his betrayal of his husband.

The Inquisitr shared the spoiler that Belle would soon return to Salem with Shawn. Having been in Hong Kong for Belle's work, the two are finally able to be with their family. As Belle reunites with her nephew, Days of Our Lives spoilers had previously revealed that she tells Will something that he didn't know. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the secret she lets slip is that Will had betrayed his husband with Paul.

Will, having no memory of his life with Sonny and the family they had created with his daughter, is surprised by the revelation. Sami hears about the conversation between her sister, and her son and is livid. The overprotective mom is being selective about what Will is told of his past, and this is news she would have rather kept away from him for a little longer.

The Will that Days of Our Lives fans know is a very sensitive and caring man. He had strayed from his marriage and caused a lot of pain for everyone with the betrayal. Spoilers indicate that he will momentarily feel that guilt again when learning about his past. The gravity of his choices had changed his relationship with Sonny, and that won't be lost on Will, even though he has no memory of his life with his husband.

Will is trying to find where he fits in with his family in Salem. The bonds that were once so strong are strained at every turn as he learns more about his past. Eventually, Will's memory will return, but that doesn't mean he will want to resume the life he had. He is different now, and some of the choices he will make will be a shock to those that love him. Days of Our Lives fans will see lots of changes in Will's relationships and the path he takes for his future.

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