Jenelle Evans' Cease-And-Desist Letters Make Her A Laughing Stock Of The Franchise

Jenelle Evans shocked everyone yesterday when she decided to send out cease-and-desist letters to her Teen Mom 2 co-stars. On Twitter, Chelsea DeBoer, Randy Houska, and Kailyn Lowry all revealed that they had received these letters in the mail. They were all confused about the letters because they didn't feel that they had done anything wrong. While Jenelle may have hoped that it would shut up her co-stars, it may have backfired. When fans learned about her actions, she quickly became the laughing stock of the franchise. Fans realized that it was ridiculous that she was sending cease-and-desist letters, considering she has been sharing clickbait articles about her co-stars for months.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now being mocked. Javi Marroquin shared an article about the cease-and-desist letters, and fans didn't hold back. As it turns out, they think she was wrong in sending out the letters. Some of Javi's followers were curious as to what MTV will say in this situation, as the network has kept quiet about these legal actions. While the contract between MTV and Jenelle may outline specifics in regard to a lawsuit brought against the network, it may not have any specifics regarding her co-stars.

"Because her mom is raising her son, while she's too busy running around making unnecessary drama," one person wrote about Jenelle, while another added, "And her storming off at the reunion has gotten old! Stop cutting the MTV checks and she will fall in line."

One person even offered up a theory about why she decided to take legal action, adding, "She's mad cause the damn world don't care about her & her bulls**t. They need to cancel this show cause they're just showing teens how to have 3-4 different baby daddies & showing them how to be disrespectful to the fathers."

But fans aren't the only ones confused about the cease-and-desist letters that Evans has sent out. Her Teen Mom 2 co-stars were joking about the legal action on Twitter, saying that they hadn't done anything wrong. It's possible that Evans' decision to file these letters was heavily influenced by David, who seems to play a big role in her decisions regarding MTV and Teen Mom 2. Many have warned her to stop biting the hand that feeds her, as she may not have much income other than the show.

Jenelle Evans walked out of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special when she filmed it a few weeks ago. David Eason encouraged her to walk out, as he didn't like Dr. Drew's questions for Jenelle. Since Evans has threatened to quit the show, it is possible that she won't be back for another season of Teen Mom 2.

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