Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals Wife Beth Chapman Is Cancer Free

Not long ago Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth Chapman shared that she was battling cancer. Now, People is sharing really good news that the reality star is cancer free! During a two-hour special, Dog & Beth: Fight of Their Lives on A&E Monday night, Dog shared the big news when he got a phone call letting them know. The doctor called with the pathology report that they had been waiting on.

Dog was even seen talking to the camera saying that he wanted the Lord to take him before his wife because he didn't want to bury her. Then he explained the exciting news to the family that there was no cancer. At one point, things didn't look very good for Beth Chapman, but she is a fighter. Dog the Bounty Hunter was very worried that his wife wouldn't make it.

Earlier this year, Beth Chapman was diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer. At that point, they gave her 50/50 chances and things were not looking good for her, but the couple stood by each other and fought through it and she is very lucky to hear that she is cancer free now. Of course, she will still have to get checked, but they haven't shared the details on that with fans just yet.

Beth Chapman did have surgery to remove the tumor, but she had a very tough recovery. Beth explained that the key is early detection. She said that she had a scratchy throat for about a year before she was diagnosed with throat cancer. She also explained that diet is very important, but didn't elaborate on what she might have been doing that was bad for her. She just wants everyone to know that you need to go and get checked out right away if you feel like something is wrong. Fans love Beth and Dog and are really happy to hear this great news from them.

A lot of fans are hopeful that Dog and Beth will return to television, but as of right now, it just looks like they are doing this special. Hopefully, new specials or another show with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman will be announced eventually. For now, everyone will just have to wait for updates from the couple.

[Featured Image by Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images]