Meghan Markle Instagram Stuns, Revealing Everything From Bikini Diet To Booze To Bedroom Selfie Photos

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are ready to move forward with their wedding plans after announcing their engagement. But while their royal nuptial arrangements are in the works, Markle has stunned observers by keeping her Instagram account alive. From bedroom selfie photos to her bikini body and diet, Meghan seems to have decided to continue flaunting her past while planning for her royal future.

Prince Harry's Girlfriend, Meghan Markle, Doesn't Delete Shockingly Intimate Instagram Photos

Although some speculated that Markle would delete some if not all of her most intimate photos after Prince Harry announced the engagement, Meghan is keeping her Instagram account public at this point in her life, pointed out the Mirror.
"Bikinis, booze and bedroom selfies: The intimate photos Meghan Markle doesn't want you to see now she's engaged to Prince Harry."
With more than two million followers, Prince Harry's girlfriend has not posted anything since April 7. But the lack of new photos hasn't stopped her fans from studying pictures of her past and commenting on her future. The news of Meghan's engagement to Harry sparked a new flood of comments.

"Congratulations on your engagement with Prince Harry," wrote one fan.

"Congratulations on your engagement. Such a beautiful couple. Diana would [have] been proud," posted another.

Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle reveals more than she might want in her past Instagram photos.
Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle, reveals more than she might want in her past Instagram photos. [Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images]

Prince Harry Romance Caused Meghan Markle To Go From Fun-Loving, Flirty Photos To Pictures Suited To A Princess

But even before Prince Harry announced their engagement, Meghan Markle gradually began to post more sporadically, with minimal glimpses of her intimate life, pointed out the publication. It takes some scrutiny to find the more intriguing photos from Markle's past.
"Scroll back...You'll find a fun-loving young woman who...[gives] an intimate glimpse into her world."
Meghan used to post photos in which she posed in her bedroom, wearing much racier and revealing styles than she does now that she is engaged to Prince Harry.
While Meghan has discussed her diet in interviews, her Instagram photos reveal that Markle didn't always stick to a clean eating, shedding-for-the-wedding food plan. In one picture, Meghan looks stunning in a stylish hat and barely-there straps holding up a sundress. A glass of wine is waiting as she digs into her meal that features pasta.

"#TBT to Capri with @jessicamulroney. @thetigofficial #pasta#italy #takemeback," wrote Markle.

Meghan Markle Flaunts Beer, Unbuttoned Blouses, And Butt In Blue Jeans

While that glass of wine looks elegant, Prince Harry's sweetheart hasn't tried to hide her fondness for beer as well. Enjoying travel, Meghan celebrated a visit to Greece with a cool can.

"When in....#greece#TigTravel @_thetig," wrote Markle.

Markle's style was scrutinized in the newest photos taken when Prince Harry announced their engagement. But her demurely buttoned-up outfit for the royal engagement announcement is a dramatic contrast to the fashions that Meghan used to flaunt on Instagram.

Although Markle wrote about her fondness for her favorite "button down" outfit, she chose to wear it using more of an unbuttoned flair.

"Weekend shenanigans with @jessicamulroney (wearing my very favorite button down from @mishanonoo)," posted Prince Harry's girlfriend.

When it comes to cheeky photos, however, one picture in particular summed up the difference between Meghan Markle before she became engaged to Prince Harry and after, pointed out the publication.

Markle slipped into a pair of blue jeans and struck a pose that displayed her butt, with a caption that revealed her flirty personality.

Meghan Markle Posts Bikini Body Diet And Shocking Yoga Poses

In addition to photos of her holidays and scantily-clad pictures of her body, Markle used to share details about her bikini body diet. One photo, in particular, won't be appropriate for Meghan to post now that she is engaged to Prince Harry, however.
"She wouldn't dream of posting pics [like this] now she's headed for Kensington Palace."
With her body bending perfectly, Markle stunned her fans with her yoga pose in a revealing bikini.
Prince Harry's soon-to-be wife also has shared views of the diet that keeps her bikini body in such sizzling shape. Meghan wrote about her "vegan lunch" in one photo, for example. The Daily Mail reported that in addition to her love for yoga, as flaunted on Instagram, Markle has shared her ability to stay slim while indulging.
"[Prince Harry's beloved] relishes vegan food and green juices but will allow herself pizza and wine regularly to unwind."
But one photo, in particular, seems to sum up the difference between Meghan Markle before and after her engagement announcement.
With a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, Prince Harry's future wife revealed last year that her favorite things are "food and fashion." And to prove it, she flaunted her fabulous figure in a bikini adorned with sushi.

[Featured Image by Matt Dunham/AP Images]