Reason Why Dean Ambrose And Sheamus Were Absent On 'Monday Night Raw' Revealed

In case you did not notice, Seth Rollins and Cesaro were both alone during their match on Monday Night Raw. Their respective partners, Dean Ambrose and Sheamus, were not present and some fans are wondering why. The latest backstage news has revealed the reason why Ambrose and Sheamus were not on Monday Night Raw.

As recapped by, Rollins and Cesaro had their match this week on Monday Night Raw after Ambrose defeated Sheamus last week. Rollins was victorious against "The Swiss Cyborg" and he addressed the rumors that The Shield is going to break up. "The Architect" revealed that Ambrose is on his honeymoon and Roman Reigns winning the Intercontinental championship has no effect on their chemistry.

It has been rumored for some time now that The Shield will disband once again with Ambrose turning heel. However, the WWE has not planted the seeds of their breakup because The Shield reunion has not gone great. Mumps prevented Reigns from competing at TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs with their only successful team up being against The New Day at Survivor Series. The WWE has not cashed in on The Shield reunion and it would be a waste of time if they decide to prematurely break them up again.

But what is the real reason Dean Ambrose and Sheamus missed this week's Monday Night Raw? According to Wrestle Zone, Ambrose was really on his honeymoon with his wife Renee Young. If you're living under a rock, you probably don't know that Ambrose and Young were dating, and now they are a married couple.

Ambrose and Young have been dating since 2013, and they secretly got married in Las Vegas back in April. It was revealed by Young on Twitter after Kevin Owens pointed out her wedding ring live on Talking Smack. The incident clearly upset Young, prompting her to announce her marriage to Ambrose to avoid further speculations. And seven months later, the lovely couple is finally on their honeymoon. They deserve it.

On the other hand, Sheamus was on his annual sabbatical in his homeland of Ireland. "The Celtic Warrior" has been given some time to come back home in the past several years. It's something he can afford from the WWE after more than a decade of service that includes four WWE world title reigns and many more accomplishments.

Sheamus and Cesaro are the reigning Raw tag team champions.
Sheamus and Cesaro pose before a match against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. [Image by WWE]

Dean Ambrose and Sheamus are expected to come back next week on Monday Night Raw. Ambrose will team up with Seth Rollins to take on Sheamus and Cesaro. The Shield and The Bar have been feuding for the Raw Tag Team championship ever since August.

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