WWE Rumors: Is 'Broken Matt Hardy' Finally Coming To WWE?

The impending debut of "broken" gimmick on WWE has been one of the most discussed storylines since the return of Hardy Boyz. It appears that Broken Matt Hardy could finally be making a debut on WWE very soon. The proceedings on the Monday Night Raw strongly hinted at such a possibility.

Matt Hardy's losing streak continued as he lost to Bray Wyatt on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. However, something appeared to have changed this time around as Matt sat in the corner of the ring and began rapidly chanting "Delete" and in the process teased the "broken" character as he has done a few times in the past few months.

Matt continued fueling the speculation by further teasing the character on Twitter. His tweet stated that his dormant condition had been now "woken." It appears the Hardy would get more "broken" in the coming days as he continues losing matches until the Broken Matt Hardy takes charge of the situation.

Notably, the "broken" gimmick made its debut on Impact Wrestling when the Hardy Brothers were a part of it. However, when they moved to WWE, Anthem and Impact Wrestling claimed trademarks for Broken Hardys and their universe. Matt and his wife, Reby Hardy, claim to have created and written the entire "broken" character with assistance from Impact producer, Jeremy Borash.

Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero

The trademark filed by Matt Hardy will be published on December 19 for any possible opposition. If no opposition is filed within 30 days, the trademark will officially go to Matt Hardy, as reported by PWInsider. He will then have the authority to use it independently or in WWE, as per his choice. The Broken Matt Hardy was a highly successful gimmick for the Impact Wrestling. It remains to be seen if Matt gets similar creative liberty at the WWE.

It is rumored that Broken Matt Hardy will start winning matches by destroying the lower and mid card wrestlers to gain sufficient momentum before challenging the top stars. One of the best feuds is expected with Bray Wyatt with each of them bringing in their own twisted aura. The in-ring chemistry between both of them was evident on the last episode of Raw.

Interestingly, Jeff Hardy is out of action for the remainder of the year or even longer due to his injury. There is always a possibility of WWE choosing Jeff Hardy as someone to stop the Broken Matt. Alternatively, WWE Universe can also witness the tandem of Broken Matt Hardy and Brother Nero. Irrespective of the path taken by WWE, it appears the WWE Universe will soon witness chants of "Delete" on Monday Night Raw.