'Little People, Big World' Matt Roloff Slammed After Gushing About New Girlfriend Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World stars Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff went through a divorce over a year ago and have moved on with their respective lives - Amy has found love in Chris Marek while Matt's new girlfriend is the farm's manager, Caryn Chandler. In a rare photo together, Matt gushes about his girlfriend, but fans were not too pleased about it.

Little People, Big World star Matt Roloff recently shared a rare photo with his new girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, on his Instagram account. Per In Touch, Matt explained that he spent Thanksgiving with Caryn in Arizona and asked for her permission to share their photo together.

Fans who have been following the life of the LPBW star know that Matt rarely shares a photo with his girlfriend on social media, so the post gained mixed reactions from followers of the TLC reality show. Many did not seem to be too happy to see Matt gush about Caryn, with some even going as far as calling them "disgusting."

As Cafe Mom notes in its report, some fans felt that Matt and Caryn's relationship is not genuine at all, while others thought that Matt did not deserve to be with someone new after being "horrible" to his ex-wife, Amy. Others also thought that Caryn was simply in a relationship with Matt because of his money, especially because she works on the farm and knows the business' finances.

Amy seemingly shared the same sentiments as some of the fans, as the Roloff family matriarch expressed in an earlier episode of Little People, Big World that she was not comfortable with the fact that Matt's new girlfriend is Caryn. During the episode, Amy explained that Caryn was her friend and the farm's manager, making it difficult for her to accept Caryn as her ex-husband's new girlfriend.

Several fans were quick to defend the Little People, Big World star and his relationship. Many believed that it was time for Matt to move on from his failed marriage with Amy and find someone new - whether it is someone who works at the farm or not.

Even Amy has already found another boyfriend months after her divorce from Matt was finalized, so many felt that it was right for Matt to find one as well. The Little People, Big World star officially confirmed his relationship with Caryn in March through a post on Instagram.

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