North Korea Attack Warning: Hawaii To Hold Drill As There's No Time To Call Loved Ones When Pyongyang Strikes

North Korea could launch its nuclear missile and attack the United States anytime and with this possibility, Hawaii residents have been warned. One of the state's officials told the Hawaiians that they should be prepared and must have a detailed plan to keep track of their family members in the event of a nuclear strike.

North Korea is only 4,600 miles away from Hawaii, so Vern Miyagi, an administrator in Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, warns that there is no time to even call or pick up the kids in case the disaster happen.

Vern Miyagi also stated that since the state officials will probably have just 15 minutes or less to warn the people before the missile from North Korea reached its target ground, Hawaiians were told to have a designated place to run to for protection and shelter.

"There will be no time to call our loved ones, pick up our kids and find a designated shelter," Miyagi told the Honolulu Star Advertiser during the interview.

Moreover, according to ABC News, Hawaii is reestablishing its nuclear attack warning alert next month. This is the state's first step in preparedness for a potential North Korean nuclear attack.

The news division of the American Broadcasting Company further reported that the alarm has not been active or used since the Cold War, but due to the current events, it will be reinstated on Dec. 1.

Further, as part of the nuclear attack preparedness program, the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency told the residents to "Get inside, stay inside and stay tuned" once they hear the alarm siren. For statewide dissemination of the warning, the agency will also be sending alerts via television, radio and resident's phones.

The resumption of the sirens only points to the fact that the tensions between North Korea and America have grown to dangerous new heights under Donald Trump's administration.

In related news, the Washington Post reported that last month, the University of Hawaii sent an email to its staff and students for nuclear attack preparedness. The email was said to also contain commentaries on the developing tensions between the U.S. and North Korea.

Meanwhile, the nuclear alarm system drill has been set to take place on Friday, Dec. 1. Subsequently, Hawaii will hold a run-through every first business day of the month.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]