Sandy Hook Students Will Resume Classes On Thursday

Sandy Hook Elementary School students will return to the school for the first time since the shooting on Thursday. The children will be learning in a new building with classroom recreated to resemble their old environment. Chalk Hill Middle School, located about six miles away in Monroe, will be the students’ new home.

The Newtown elementary school has been closed since Adama Lanza went on a shooting rampage which tragically took the lives of 20 children and six adults. The school will be now be headed by interim principal Donna Page, according to ABC News. Sandy Hook Elementary principal Dawn Hochsprung was killed during the Connecticut mass shooting.

Donna Page had this to say in a notice posted on the school’s website:

“Please know the inspiration you and your children have been to my staff and me as we connect with your at Chalk Hill. Be assured that the towns of Monroe and Newtown are working night and day to ensure that the facility is safe, secure, and fully operational for our return. I want to reassure you that we understand many parents may need to be near their children on the first day(s) of school and you will be welcome. I want parents and families enduring the loss of their precious children to know their loved ones are foremost in our hearts and minds as we move forward.”

A walk through for students and their families was held at Chalk Middle School on Wednesday, reports. Sandy Hook officials are welcoming one adult relative to accompany each student to come into the building and spend time in the auditorium and classrooms throughout the first days of classes. While parents are welcome to transport their children to school, staff is encouraging a return to the typical school routine of riding the bus to class.

Comfort dogs will also be at the school on the first day back for Sandy Hook students.