Fergie To Host ‘American Idol’ Successor On FOX Called ‘The Four’

Even though American Idol ended it’s 15-season run on FOX back in 2016, ABC decided to give it a reboot. The American Idol reboot will premiere in March 2018, but it looks like FOX has found it’s successor with The Four: Battle for Stardom and they have found their host in Fergie.

Entertainment Weekly reported that FOX’s replacement for American Idol will be The Four and Fergie will serve as the host. The Four will kick off on January 4 and will feature “top-notch singers” battling each week for the chance at a career.

As far as the contestants go, Entertainment Weekly said that they can come from any walk of life, as any singer could submit their own audition tapes for the show. Vulture previously announced the judges’ panel for The Four, as the panel consists of Sean “Brother Love” Combs, Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, and record label executive Charlie Walk. Fergie is the latest addition to the show and she is excited for the opportunity.

“This is a unique and modern show format that I believe will set the standard for the next generation of singing competition series on TV. I am looking forward to being by the contestants’ sides during what could be the most important performances of their lives. Along with these amazing panelists whom I know and love, I hope my experiences as a solo artist and as a member of The Black Eyed Peas can help guide them in their quest to make it in the music industry.”


FOX got out of the singing-competition shows when they put an end to American Idol after 15 seasons. However, ABC announced the reboot of Idol, so FOX is now throwing their hat back into the ring. There is a catch to The Four though, as the show will start where most of the other shows end: the final four.

The Four will start with four talented singers, who happened to nail their auditions in front of music industry experts. Each week, the four singers will have to defend their coveted spots, as they are challenged by new singers determined to take their spot on the show. Entertainment Weekly said it is a cross between the end of American Idol and the knockout rounds on The Voice. The top four singers each week will remain in the competition, as the other four singers will be sent home.


The challengers each week can literally be anybody. They can be amateur singers or fans of The Four sitting at home on the couch. They just need to submit their own audition tapes to be judged by America through a vote. If the existing four singers beat the challengers each week, they will face off at the end of the season to win the ultimate prize — the judges’ panel shepherding the winner to stardom.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]