Andy Reid To The Cardinals? Rumors Fly Around Former Eagles Coach

Andy Reid and the Arizona Cardinals are just hours away from signing a new contract. Well, the former Eagles coach has an interview lined up this week to meet the team. OK, maybe the Cardinals haven’t confirmed anything, and Reid isn’t even considered a front-runner at the moment.

Rumors have been circulating since Reid was fired from the Eagles earlier this week, but there is one thing we know for certain: People like to put Andy Reid’s name in the same sentence as the Arizona Cardinals.

ESPN cites a source that is 95 percent certain that Reid will become the next coach in Arizona. The Chicago Tribune cites a source that claims it’s a “done deal” and that the Cardinals are just waiting for Reid to fly out and sign some papers.

Other sources, however, are a little skeptical about Reid moving down to Arizona. AZ Central reports that Reid is considered a candidate for the job but that no interview has been signed and no contract has been offered. President Michael Bidwill said Monday that there are several possibilities including in-house candidates like Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton and college coaches like Chip Kelly.

Bidwill wants to take his time while choosing his next coach but Reid seems set on getting things down as quickly as possible. The former Eagles coach reportedly started looking for a new job as soon as he caught wind that he would be fired. Reid has reportedly been building a coaching staff and is ready to jump on his next coaching opportunity.

Reid’s next job could be announced in the next few days, but that doesn’t mean that he’ll be heading down to Arizona. Rumor has it that Reid has an interview lined up in Kansas City this week.

Where do you think Andy Reid will end up?