Katy Perry Will Be A ‘Straight Shooter’ As Judge On ‘American Idol’ Reboot

ABC is hoping for big things with the American Idol reboot, but it looks like judge Katy Perry is hoping for even bigger things. Since she signed on as one of the judges for the reboot, Perry is not messing around, as she states she is searching for the next “Kelly Clarkson” this season.

Perry recently attended a special event hosted by a Denver Boys & Girls Club, where People sat down and talked with the “Swish Swish” singer. After meeting the kids, answering their questions, and playing Just Dance 2018, Katy talked about being all about authenticity on American Idol.

“My personality is that I’m a straight shooter — almost to a fault. I just value authenticity so much that it can sometimes get me into trouble, because I take this job really seriously. I don’t want to walk away from American Idol and just have a season go by and we don’t have any Kelly Clarkson because that means we’re just filling space on television and I really truly want to be able to do this exercise and make someone’s dream come true.”

FOX pulled the plug on American Idol after 15 seasons, as it came to an end in 2016. After just one year, ABC picked it up for a reboot, which will premiere on Sunday, March 11. Ryan Seacrest returns as host and Perry will be joined at the judges’ table by Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Perry believes in the show and believes in the American dream.

“It’s kind of like that good old fashion American dream: we find you, you work hard, you compete, you get tested in every way and you rise to the top if it’s meant to be for you. So I believe in that great American dream.”


ABC was looking for a big name to sit at the judges’ table, so they were willing to pay out the money. They felt Katy Perry was that name, as she signed a $25 million contract for one season. While that is a big payout, Perry told People that it hasn’t always been an easy road for her.

“I never had it come easily, and a lot of people forget sometimes that people had to work really hard to get here — especially when they’ve been around for so long they’re like, ‘Well, you were just born this way.’ It’s like, ‘Oh no, oh no.'”

The $25 million payout is a huge contract for Perry. Despite that, was this her “I made it” moment? Katy explained that People.

“I played the Super Bowl and I didn’t trip, and I didn’t have a wardrobe malfunction! Super Bowl is kinda like touching the ceiling.”

While we have to wait until March 2018 for the American Idol reboot to premiere on ABC, the show has already kicked things off. The auditions for American Idol on ABC have already taken place, as they started on August 17 in Orlando, Florida. The auditions wrapped up in October in San Antonio, Texas.


Time will tell how Katy Perry will be as a judge, but could viewers have the new Simon Cowell on their hands? That is what Perry seems to think, as she told Billboard that she does not need “to win the popular race.” She said that fans of the show thought Simon was the “grumpy” one, but she respects him and wants to honor him in the reboot.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]