Al Franken Staunchly Defended By Some Liberals And Progressives

Al Franken is a good person, but his accuser, Leeann Tweeden, is a "bi***." At least that's what some progressives, who normally complain about "rape culture," are saying. Leading the pack is Alissa Johnson, from Medium, in an article that has already garnered almost 30,000 views.

"And I am sick that people like Leeanne [sic] Tweeden feel comfortable enough to take the traumas of the women and children that have been the true victims of sexual violence and used them for her own personal gains and the political goals of the Republican Party," Johnson says, adding that Tweeden's coming forward ten years after the alleged harassment took place reeks of a partisan hack job.

Johnson certainly has support for her article in the comments section.

"It is becoming clear that Senator Franken has been framed. To the writer of this article, thank you. You speak for me," says Margaret Trenchard-Smith.

"Thank you for writing the words I've felt since this story became news," claims Sandra Louise.

Leeann Tweeden called a
Leeann Tweeden has been bullied since coming forward with her allegations against Al Franken. [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

It's important to note that Johnson is speaking from being a victim herself, and the bulk of the article concentrates on how she herself feels violated when something that has affected her has turned into political mudslinging. And not everybody in the comments section agrees with her.

But Johnson isn't the only progressive sticking up for Al Franken. Some writers at Daily Kos are defending him as well. And recently, the site published an article featuring more innocent pictures of Al Franken and Leeann Tweeden together. The premise of the the article that features the pictures is that there is no way Tweeden could feel violated based on some pictures of herself smiling with Al Franken.

"As the ratf***ing Republican operatives try to weaponize the MeToo movement and use liberals' decency against us, more photos are emerging from that USO Tour Tweeden and Franken were on," the piece begins with, and basically victim-shames Tweeden.

Speaking of victim shaming, there is plenty of it from Al Franken's supporters on Twitter in tweets that refer to Tweeden as a "b***ch." And many of Tweeden's shamers are other women. But not everybody on the left is letting these people slide by. Andy Ostroy of HuffPost wrote an article about the hypocrisy of liberal women defending Al Franken.

"A strange but not entirely surprising phenomenon is occurring involving the accusations against the Democratic Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. I am astounded at the level of blind partisanship coming from some on the left — in particular, women — in defense of Franken."
Ostoy adds that these women are engaging in slut-shaming and other things usually associated with conservatives more than liberals. He notes that all this hypocrisy comes at the same time Al Franken acknowledged his improper behavior. However, some of the commenters after the article don't agree with the author.

"Because he didn't do anything wrong!!!" shouts Mickey Glon Lane.

"There defending him because he's a good man who is getting screwed over," says Joe Engleson.

According to NBC News, Mr. Franken claims he can't speculate whether or not more harassment accusations will surface. He gave a speech apologizing for his actions, hoping he can regain his supporters' trust. Franken calls the experience dealing with the accusations "humbling." So far, Franken's accusers have not commented on his speech.

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