November 27, 2017
MLB Trade Rumors: Giancarlo Stanton Focused On Los Angeles Dodgers Before Even Considering Other Destinations

The MLB trade rumors surrounding Giancarlo Stanton are growing increasingly clear, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are still on top.

For months, there have been reports that the Miami Marlins would be moving their big-hitting outfielder, and for almost the entire time the Dodgers have been reported to be at the top of Stanton's list. He has a no-trade clause in his contract that will give him plenty of control over where he ends up, and a report this week indicated that Stanton has already given the Marlins the list of possible destinations.

As CBS Sports noted this week, Stanton let the Marlins know that he prefers to end up with the Los Angeles Dodgers, his hometown team. Stanton would be a good fit beside Joc Pederson and Chris Taylor in the Dodgers outfield, and the team will be returning as a World Series contender after coming within a game of winning the 2017 title.

But CBS Sports writer Mike Axlsa noted that it could still be tricky for the Marlins and Dodgers to get all the details sorted out.

"The problem for the Marlins is building enough leverage to get a good return. As much as they want to clear payroll, I can't imagine trading Stanton for fringe prospects in a straight salary dump is a consideration. There figure to be enough teams interested that the Marlins will still get a quality return with several good prospects. Possibly several great prospects."
While the MLB trade rumors indicate that there are a number of other teams interested in Giancarlo Stanton --- with the San Francisco Giants reportedly one of the most interested --- other teams are aware of Stanton's desire to play in Los Angeles. Bleacher Report noted that Stanton is not likely to start entertaining other offers until he has a final answer from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

But the Miami Marlins may be making the situation even more difficult, Bleacher Report noted. Rumors around the MLB indicate that the team's asking price for the slugger is unrealistic, especially considering that Stanton is owed close to $300 million over the next decade.

While the MLB trade rumors surrounding Giancarlo Stanton may be continuing to build up, baseball's deep dive into the winter season means there may not be any rush to resolution. And if trade talks with the Los Angeles Dodgers fail to progress, the rumors could soon move in a new direction.

[Featured Image by Joe Skipper/Getty Images]