'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Is Sonny Really In A Position To Make A Choice Between Will And Paul?

With the news that Will is alive, Sonny called off his wedding to Paul on Days of Our Lives. Now fans are watching as the potential for a love triangle unfolds. Paul is hoping for a future with Sonny, but Sonny is torn between the husband he thought he lost and his first love.

Sonny has been honest with Paul about his intentions on Days of Our Lives. Before their wedding, Sonny had said if Will were alive, he would still be with Will. Paul had to have been thinking of that when he made the decision to keep the secret that Will was alive and well in Memphis. He loves Sonny and is afraid of losing him yet again. Even so, he told the truth in under 24 hours, but Sonny still felt the betrayal.

With Will back in Salem and having no memory of his former life, things are complicated for the three. Will finally admits that he knows he is gay, but he still can't remember his life with Sonny. If they were to reconcile at this point, it would be like starting over.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, spoilers for Days of Our Lives offer two options for Sonny. Either he can choose to start a life with Paul as he planned or he can wait for Will. If Sonny and Paul move forward with their wedding, Sonny would have to be ready to see Will move on with someone new in the future. Is he ready for that? The other option is to wait for Will, but how long could that take? And what if Will doesn't want to reconnect with him after all that has happened. Their marriage wasn't on good terms at the time of Will's "death."

Fans have been speaking out in Facebook fan groups and offering yet another option. After all that has happened, could it be that the decision isn't Sonny's to make, but Will's? Once Will has regained his memory, he may want to move on from his marriage with Sonny. Will and Sonny have been rumored to move forward in a relationship in the future on Days of Our Lives.

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