‘General Hospital’ Rumors: Nelle’s Scheming Leads To Her Death, Chloe Lanier On The Chopping Block?

General Hospital rumors continue to swirl with the interesting turn of events. Steve Burton who played the role of Stone Cold Jason returned, and the tale of two Jasons received a lot of positive feedback. While Port Charles stays tune for the investigation involving the twins, one busybody has been scheming behind everyone’s back. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) discovered several secrets by accident and through her cunning ways. The latest General Hospital rumors suggest Nelle might be taken off the canvas soon.

Given her reputation, Nelle will resort to any underhanded scheme to land permanent employment. Her desperation will lead her to the point of no return. She already made several enemies because of her schemes. In fact, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) warned her numerous times.

General Hospital spoilers tease Nelle will work with Cassandra. Nelle may not be pure evil, but Cassandra could push her to do something extreme. Her own circumstances will also make it impossible for her to make logical decisions. This week, spoilers tease Nelle will continue to scheme to get Michael back.

Nelle’s feelings for Michael appeared to be genuine even if a lot of people were against their relationship. Nelle could find a way to be back in Michael’s life. Celeb Dirty Laundry speculated that Nelle could be pregnant or she will fake a pregnancy. Needless to say, this could just be another scheme for Nelle.

Over the past few weeks, Nelle’s character has been painted as the total villain. She did nothing but gather people’s secrets and use them against them. Her character seems to be on the downward spiral, and she doesn’t play a crucial role in the current storylines. Given these reasons, there have been rumors that Chloe Lanier could leave the General Hospital family soon.

With all the secrets she has been harboring, many people have a reason to end her life. If General Hospital goes down this path, Nelle could end up murdered on the soap. Valentin will naturally be one of the suspects, and so will Nina. If Nelle threatens her family, Nina might kill her. Silencing a person forever is not beyond Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) ability either. The Corinthos couple hates Nelle. Nelle could die by accident, too.

There are no indications that General Hospital plans to redeem Nelle’s character. This path is usually an indication that a soap plans to let a character go soon. With this history, it’s not surprising why General Hospital rumors indicating Lanier’s departure gained popularity. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, and Chloe Lanier could play an even bigger role in future episodes.

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