Father-Of-Five Killed In Shocking Cam Video After Officer Resorts To Use Of Deadly Force

Video shows deadly confrontation before Pedro Pierre is shot dead.

Video shows deadly confrontation before Pedro Pierre is shot dead.

Released body and security camera footage, showed the final moments of a father-of-five, before he was shot by police.

According to NBC Miami, Pedro Pierre was shot to death in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, after police responded to a domestic disturbance at an apartment complex. The shocking footage from surveillance cameras and body cam footage showed Deputy Sean Youngward being attacked by the 42-year-old man and refusing to stand-down when another officer appeared on the scene.

In the footage, Pierre confronted Youngward when he knocked on his door and chased him into the courtyard of the apartment building. The deputy had unsuccessfully fired his taser at the father-of-five, who eventually knocked the officer to the ground.

Youngward had tried to use his baton on Pierre, but was overpowered. The video shows the Haitian man kicking and dragging Youngward on the ground, when a second deputy, Steven Briggs, arrived on the scene.

The second deputy told the 42-year-old man to release Youngward and a witness off-camera was shouting for Pierre to let the law enforcement officer go to avoid making things worse. At that point, Pierre let go of Youngward’s leg and started running toward Briggs, who shot the man three times.

The footage shows Pierre on the ground as law enforcement officers approach him with guns drawn. One of the officers, checks his condition, before an officer begins to administer CPR.

Pierre died shortly after.

The Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, spoke to the press and said the deadly footage was released to give an honest view of what really happened and avoid distortions on social media.

“Unarmed assailants take guns away from police officers and there are many police officers in the United States of America who tragically have died at the hands of their own weapons.”

Pierre’s sister, Guilaine Jean, told the Daily Mail, that the entire family was pained by the loss, adding that the footage was not a true reflection of her 42-year-old brother, who was a hardworking father, that once ran for political office in Haiti.

“This is not my brother. He was not a violent person. He was a good guy.”

His daughter, Shania, revealed that her father’s actions were caused by a stroke he suffered a few years ago. The distraught daughter said her father had frequent mental issues and if the police were aware of it, he would not have been killed.

The family said that they appreciated the first deputy who responded to his assault with a taser and baton. But pointed out that they could not understand why the second officer resorted to deadly force, just seconds after arriving on the scene.