‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 6 Episode 14: Someone Goes Missing, 'Twice As Far' [Video]

The Walking Dead Episode 14 brings the core group back together, and Carol is going to be one of the headliners again. In "Twice As Far," the core is back in Alexandria, and their plans seem to be finally back on track, or so they believe.

According to TV Guide, Episode 14 of The Walking Dead will be very familiar to fans of the show. Once again, the community must send two different groups away from home so they can seek out the necessary supplies they need for survival. Every time they do this, something always goes horribly wrong and people die. Even worse yet, they have to kill other living people just to survive, which is something that is about to take its toll on Carol.

There is more that happens in Episode 14 of The Walking Dead than just a supply run, though. But before we talk about that, let's do a quick recap of where we're at and how we got here.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the last episode of The Walking Dead was all about Maggie and Carol. They are two women who are part of the core TWD group, and their skills at this point are so good that they could have taken much more abuse than they did and still survived. Of course, Carol deserves an Oscar for her performance around Paula, who she tricked from the very beginning into believing that Carol was just a desperate housewife and a frail woman. It is safe to assume that Paula severely underestimated Carol.

The Walking Dead episode started with the alternate perspective from the Saviors who had captured Maggie and Carol at the end of the previous episode. At that point, it was all about playing a little game of business. Striking a deal with Rick and the TWD core was what they were trying to do just to survive, but they also wanted to get their own man back. Fans of The Walking Dead probably know that Rick would have delivered on that deal in order to get his Core ladies back, both of whom he and everyone else cared about deeply. So the deal would have been solid if the Saviors would have kept up their end and played it through.

But The Walking Dead has entered into the final stages of human conflict, and that means a world where no one is to be trusted at any time, under no circumstances and with no mercy shown.

After several pointless hours of hunkering down in one of the Saviors safe houses, it finally came through that the conflict was going to remain internal and that Carol and Maggie did not trust the Saviors to follow through with their end of the deal should Rick and the core follow through with their end. In the end, Carol came through as the fiery woman that Walking Dead fans have known her to be now for quite some time.

Maggie was equally ruthless in the slaying of their captors, but they had to do so against all odds inside the house. That meant breaking through the ties that bound them and ultimately overtaking the Saviors. Suffice it to say, it worked, and they walked out of that house without any real assistance. But Rick and the Walking Dead core were waiting outside.

One thing of note about the episode is that the Saviors kept telling the TWD core that they were all Negan when questioned about the man himself.

Now, leading into Episode 14 of The Walking Dead, AMC officially reports news that indicates the end is near, and in the final episodes, there is going to be some serious heartache. The evil of Negan weighs in the shadows, and like any good devil, he has convinced the world that he does not exist.

Someone on The Walking Dead is going to go missing, and Alexandria is alerted to this at a potentially vulnerable moment. It is safe to assume that Negan is about to show up, but not before he does some damage behind the scenes.

[Image via AMC]