Trump’s New Online Store: Profits POTUS As Website Sells $125 Trump Robe ‘Decorated In The USA’

President Donald Trump is cashing in on his position in the White House via a new Trump Organization website, according to critics who don’t like the notion. As reported by NPR, the new website,, differs from the online shop found at because the latter features items with profits that funnel into Trump’s presidential campaign.

However, when someone purchases an item like the Deluxe Trump Hotel Spa Robe for $125 from Trump’s new online store, the profits flow to the Trump Organization, which is owned by President Trump. Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr. manage the Trump Organization. With pricey items like the spa robe, the $150 Trump Double Trouble Pullover and a $32 Ladies Heathered V-Neck Tee emblazoned with Trump’s name on the front, the profits could be sizable.

Also of note is the strange way that some of the items found on Trump’s new store are described. As reported by the Daily Mail, certain items, such as the spa robe, are deemed as “Decorated in the USA” instead of “Proudly Made in the USA” like some of Trump’s merchandise on his website. There’s a Classic Teddy Bear selling for $30 on Trump’s new website listed as “Decorated in the USA.” Other items are listed as specifically “Made in the USA.” The “decorated” wording leads the Daily Mail to presume that the item was not made in the U.S.

As of this writing, the word China could not be found on Trump’s new website.

Trump’s new online store is causing a ruckus on Twitter, with Trump reportedly setting the bar as a president who has a website profiting off of his name, a move that is legal for the president and vice president. However, critics don’t like the thought of President Trump using the office of the presidency to promote his brand, and they are speaking out about it on social media, as seen in some of the below tweets.


Certain social media users are asking why President Trump is allowed to have an online store promoting his own wares in order to profit off the presidency and his own name.


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