WWE News: Jeff Hardy Reveals That He Plans To Return At ‘WrestleMania 34’

When the Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE at WrestleMania 33, they won the WWE tag team titles in their first match back. The title reign did not last long, but the brothers continued to be a hugely popular act in the WWE and continued to put on solid matches against some of the top WWE tag teams. However, their return journey was cut short when Jeff Hardy fell to a shoulder injury and hit the injured list.

Jeff Hardy’s WWE Injury Return

According to Cageside Seats, Jeff Hardy spoke to WWE.com after he and his brother appeared at WWE Starrcade this weekend. When talking about his injury, Hardy said that he is still in a lot of pain. However, he said that his physical therapist said that the injury is progressing great.

Hardy ended up undergoing surgery to repair his shoulder, and at the age of 40, injuries heal slower than they do when athletes are younger. The surgery took place in September and Hardy has now given an estimate on when he plans to return to the WWE.

Jeff Hardy said that he can start lifting weights in the next month and start working on rebuilding his chest and arms again. Hardy then said that he will hopefully be back in the ring by April and the Hardy Boyz can continue their latest WWE run.

That means that the Hardy Boyz could make their return at WrestleMania 34 if the Jeff Hardy injury return timetable is correct.

Current WWE Status Of Hardy Boyz

Ever since Jeff Hardy fell to his shoulder injury, Matt Hardy has done very little in the WWE. He wrestled Elias in a short feud that saw the guitar playing heel dominate. Since then, Matt Hardy has been mostly missing-in-action.

Matt Hardy did return at Survivor Series and lost to Elias. In October, Matt appeared on three episodes of Monday Night Raw, losing every match he competed in. From the sound of it, the WWE has no intentions of bringing in the Broken Matt gimmick that was so popular in Impact Wrestling, so Hardy is simply waiting for Jeff to return.

Both Hardy Boyz appeared at Starrcade last night for the WWE. They came out to introduce NWA wrestling legends and WWE Hall of Famers The Rock N Roll Express for fans in North Carolina.

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