‘EastEnders’ Spoilers Of The Week: Mick Heads To Darker Paths While Lauren Is Ready To Reveal Max’s Scandal?

Pub owner Mick Carter might be going to the dark side of business next month.

During Mick’s last encounter, he bumped into the new guy, Aidan Maguire. Aidan was mugged and Mick stepped in to help. He invited him into his pub, but he did not know that Aiden has something up his sleeves.

The two had a connection, but it is not sure whether Aidan is just playing Mick to get what he wants. According to Digital Spy, the two bonded and Mick ended up sharing his “financial woes” to Aiden.

Apart from Mick, Aidan seemed to be causing a stir with the people on the Square. He also met with his old buddy Phil, but Phil was a little skeptic. Aidan’s timing was simply peculiar and the reason why he was there in the first place is suspicious.

Phil later saw Aidan speaking to Vincent and this thickens the plot.

From meeting an old friend, getting acquainted with a weird fellow to being mugged to be tucked into Mick’s pub, Aidan’s road to a hometown reunion has been rather mysterious.

There are no certainties when it comes to Aidan, played by Irish actor Patrick Bergin. However, EastEnder creators have already confirmed that there will be a smashing Christmas storyline for the new guy.

“With Christmas rapidly approaching in Albert Square, things are set to explode in catastrophic style. Secrets and lies are exposed and families are torn apart forever.”

Speaking of secrets, the one Lauren has may just be the bomb the creators were talking about.

In a previous episode, Willmott-Brown spoke to Max and warned him that Lauren could be tracking them down.

Max tried to confront Lauren, but he was surprised by her response. She said that she knew everything and that she is willing to go public.

Max tried to pacify her daughter by saying their plan is not definite yet. This puts him in an awkward position because if Willmott-Brown finds out that Lauren can still spill the beans, he might go ballistic and his unpredictability can just cause more trouble.

For more information, watch out for the next episode of EastEnders on BBC today.

[Featured Image by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]